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Hardware One of the worst things that can happen to your laptop is the motherboard failure often resulting into laptop motherboard repair. If the motherboard is damaged and is beyond repair, you would definitely need to consider buying a new laptop. This is of course necessary as the motherboard of a laptop is very expensive and not covered by a warranty, so the better option would be to buy a new laptop. But before you reach to the conclusion, thoroughly assess the motherboard damage. For you need to decide between two options laptop motherboard repair vs. a new laptop. Look in for these tell tale signs of motherboard failure; 1)You have switched on the .puter being indicated by the light and fan also starts to spin. But there is .plete black- out on the .puter screen with the hard drive not working within 10- 15 sec. 2)The initial start up functions appear like indicative light, fan and hard drive sound, but disappears after a while i.e. 5 3 mins. 3)A high pitched sound .es from the laptop when you press the on button. 4)Last one can be that even when you have switched on the .puter nothing happens. Cause of Mother Board Failure; There are numerous reasons why a laptops motherboard would fail. But some .mon and often unlooked corners include; 1)Electric and voltage fluctuations 2)Dust particles, smoke, laptops age 3)Fan failure often causing over heating issues 4)Crash or physical damage Exceptions to be looked when checking for laptop motherboard damage Even the signs of motherboard failure mentioned above needs to be looked into, there are some exceptions to them which include; 1. The black screen could be an indication of a possible back light problem. In-between the hinges there is button as the on/off switch for the laptop’s back light. This buttons automatically get switched off when the lid is closed. However, sometimes it gets stuck. Therefore first pull the laptop’s lid back and forth, if it is still the same then take a pin, find the switch and gently tap it. If even this doesnt work, possible you need a laptop motherboard repair. 2. If your laptops get switched on for a few seconds and then dies out, it could be due to battery being exhausted. First connected to the power outlet and then switch it on. Also check for connection cables, if it is still not works there could be two reasons. First your adapter might have been damaged, get it checked. If thats not the case then the possible failure could indicate a laptop motherboard repair. 3. Often re- setting the RAM and CMOS or updating the BIOS could save you from motherboard laptop repair. As an advice – if youre no expert in laptop hardware, but you know your motherboard has failed- Always go for a professional Motherboard Laptop Repair. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: