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Korean media: Super anxious suppressed Korea team is number one in Asia – Sohu sports Korean media screenshot Beijing time on September 23rd, "Korea JoongAng Daily" South Korean media said the author, Chinese league team is very rich, many Korean stars and handsome Korean name they dug, but they are quick, they can not reach the hope results the K League is Asia’s most successful league. The day before the two AFC Champions League semi-final, Seoul FC eliminated Shandong Luneng, Jeonbuk Hyundai out of Shanghai port, the Korean media said: "earlier this year, many Korean football experts and fans look bad in the AFC Champions League K league team in the future, especially China team, they introduced many world-class players and coach formation in contrast, the K League has no money, but the fact that the success of decades of K League will not easily decline, Seoul FC and Jeonbuk Hyundai this year joining forces semi-final, once again confirms the dominance of K league." Korean media also do not forget the irony of super, China wants to become a global football powerhouse, their club in this year’s crazy splurge, a lot of South Korean national team players go there, get a huge reward. In June this year, Seoul coach cuilong Zhu was Suning poached. However, their team is anxious, not up to the summit. They wanted to be." "The Hong Kong owned Hulk, coach is former England coach Erickson, but was defeated in the northern front, can be said to be suppressed. Luneng coach is former Bayern coach Magath, a former Brazil international Tardelli squad, but was defeated Seoul." Korean media said. Finally, the Korean media bluntly K League is Asia’s most successful League, South Korea team a total of 10 times to get the AFC Champions League champion, the Japanese team only 5 times, while the China team only 2 times.相关的主题文章: