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KD Green responded to criticism: aggression is not equal to the scores of other [collection] 96-105 warrior king Durant 25 Type dunk Tencent A great hawk spreads its wings with sports in October 8th three hearing before the preseason, Durant games are played 23.3 minutes, scored 18.3 points for the team. If the conversion of this data, within 36 minutes Durant probably can get a total of 28 points per game. But Durant’s teammate, Green, says he has to be more aggressive. Green: KD should be more aggressive before Durant joined the warriors three games, his play a better game, the first game of 9 in the 2 downturn doesn’t bother him too long, then he sent 10 6 and 11 8 of the respondents, the warrior will usher in the two game winning streak. The first three games, Durant scored 55 points, with only a shot of the 30, so efficient performance should be enough to conquer the team and the coach. However, after defeating the King team after the game, Raymond – Green said that Durant is playing more and more comfortable, "he is playing better and better, but I think he still wants to show more aggressive, but it takes a little time." Durant did not fully agree with the views of Green, "I had the opportunity to make a few, I came out. But most of all, I try to deal with every shot I get. I hate some stupid mistakes." "I think I’ve been aggressive. But when it comes to more aggression, I don’t think it’s just scoring. There are cover, help the team to get rid of, as well as more no ball running." Durant is currently the warriors two scorer, the first scorer is Craig – Thompson (19 PPG). But it is worth noting that the presence of Durant was also ranked in second on the team in assists (3.7 per game), after the library 4.3. (Majiabao) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: