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Ji’nan version of the network about the new car regulations for nearly half a month   3 into the network about the car driver back rent – Shandong Channel – People’s network as of 25, the Ji’nan version of the car about the new regulations have been released nearly half a month. During this period, affected by the new regulations, many of the network about car drivers to choose from the net income reduction of about the car market. Reporters learned from a car rental company in Ji’nan, nearly 30% of its drivers choose to retire, and this is only a microcosm of the Ji’nan car market. Nearly 25 yuan to reduce the income of the payment of liquidated damages should return the car in the morning, located in the vicinity of a car rental company. Driver Zhang is working with the office of the company to return the car. In accordance with the car rental contract, the driver unilaterally terminate the lease contract, car rental deposit is not refundable. "We have a half of the deduction, the deduction of the basic even liquidated damages." The company surnamed an official told reporters, every car rental deposit is 10 thousand to 20 thousand yuan, Mr. Zhang’s car back to give him 15 thousand yuan deposit, 7500 yuan, is not strictly in accordance with the contract, is to take care of the driver’s mood, they are not easy". It is understood that since November 12th, the Ji’nan version of the network about the new regulations after the draft, the impact of the new policy and the new regulations by the platform, the network about the driver’s revenue has shrunk dramatically. Do not have any meaning, do not make money." Mr. Chen told reporters about the network driver, the 25 day, he left home at 6 in the morning to morning, 9:30, after pumping into platform 20%, he made 90 yuan, while the cost of oil will have to spend about 60 yuan, "in the morning rush hour, with the serious traffic jam, ready to go home from noon can’t do." Driver revenue reduction in the car rental company data show obvious. Mr Andrews said the new regulations before the release, the driver wages remained at around 5000 yuan, while nearly a month, the majority of pilot wages has dropped to three thousand or four thousand yuan, can earn 5000 yuan is not much." He said, can not earn money is the driver would prefer to return to the main reason for breach of contract. 1200 car rental car back nearly 3 into the car rental company, the situation is almost every day in the car back. To Mr.’s car rental company for example, the new regulations for comments before the company has about 112 Internet car driver, as of 25, in the past more than and 10 days, more than and 40 people have to return the car, there are more than and 30 cars lying over a week in the garage. "Our company is not the worst." Mr Andrews said, according to his understanding, with him in the 18 car rental company Ji’nan network about cars in the league in the 1200 car, now insist on running may be only about 800 cars, nearly 3 vehicles were drained away. Driver revenue decline, a wide range of vehicles, a direct impact on the normal turnover of the car rental company. It is understood that the majority of car rental companies on the market in Ji’nan for the purchase of loans, loans to repay high monthly. "I am here about 100000 yuan a month, some companies are much more than me." Mr Andrews said, a large number of idle vehicles back after the car, is an important cause of the company repayment pressure, and the driver income fell an important reason to pay the rental of vehicles difficult and troubled company. )相关的主题文章: