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Jiaxing primary school students to draw a hand WeChat chat and their own dialogue red circle of friends in October 27, 2016, Jiaxing 13 grade pupils hand-painted WeChat chat photos were sent to the mother of WeChat circle of friends, and then…… According to the pupils’ mother introduced before the child is a mobile phone, and also registered WeChat, weekends and students occasionally in WeChat chat, ask some homework problems, but the parents of the child to play mobile phone have strictly controlled. The evening of October 26th, my mother saw the children into the study and did not do their homework, but in the book played a hand-painted WeChat chat dialogue. The children draw from time to time to laugh, she simply took a few photos and "now the children really can play the title to their own circle of friends, did not think of this one, immediately triggered a hot and micro friends crazy forwarded. How eager to play mobile phone WeChat ah!" Able to chat with students in the book so happy, and one person decorated multiple roles, quite spell!" No conditions to talk about WeChat, actually create conditions for their own chat, creative ah!" We grew up playing sandbags, hide and seek, chicken, the children are now upgrading!" This is the phone to blame, not a good thing!" "The children are really lonely, poor!" "A child is a play, there is no need to make a fuss!"…… We have different opinions. Xiao Bian found that these hand-painted WeChat chat content is very simple, mostly "automatic speaking" or "question and answer", but also humorous look, although from time to time out of the network language, but between the lines is full of childish and playful. However, the child’s mother said that the children’s students in such a "chat" a lot of students, as a grade three primary school students, in this way hand-painted WeChat chat, you treasure dad Mom Mom, how do you see?相关的主题文章: