Jiashan is found 15 month old boy in the river remains missing for several days kamikaze love

Jiashan 15 month old boy was missing for several days in the river remains were found on November 5th afternoon, Yunnan Ji new resident Xu Wei and a couple of 15 month old son suddenly disappeared, the missing child named Xu Wentao, missing ago with his parents living in Jiashan County of Jiaxing city streets Luoxing Su Jia Bang district. After the incident, the Jiashan broadcasting station in addition to broadcast, television, network, IN Jiashan APP and other channels to broadcast this message, you also have to help reporters in their circle of friends to help forward this news WeChat. On the morning of November 8th, we also came to the home of ms.. Mother Ms. Wei said, November 5th 3 pm, she cleaned things in the yard, the children playing at the door, when she put things back to the house, but after two or three minutes, the child was gone, she was immediately looking, but no results. At 3 p.m. on November 8th, we got the latest news that Xu Wentao’s body was found in a nearby river. It is understood that Ms. Wei’s residence is located in the southeast corner of the District, East linhe. Xiao Jia say: a little life was quietly away, in addition to pity or regret. Here we also remind parents: usually must take care of the children, especially for children who just walk, do not leave their sight range, in order to avoid accidents!相关的主题文章: