Jiangling Yu wins S330 officially listed price of 8.88-14.08 million – Beijing jiuyaogan

Jiangling Yu wins S330 officially listed price of 8.88-14.08 million – Beijing New Compact City SUV Yu Sheng 330 Beijing in September 27, 26 days, Jiangling its new compact city SUV – Yu Sheng S330 officially listed in Beijing. New car equipped with 1.5L GTDi engine, providing 1.5T+6MT and 1.5T+6AT two power combinations, a total of 7 models, the price range of 8.88-14.08 million. The release of S330 is Yu Sheng, Yu Sheng brand and a strategic level SUV models. It is a joint venture with Ford Jiangling Jiangling — an effort to build the vitality of urban school is SUV, Chinese car market joint venture product. Its model design, research and development, procurement, manufacturing are strictly in accordance with Ford global standards. Thanks to the cooperation with Ford, Yu Sheng S330 shared Ford in global supply chain system. Yu Sheng 330 listed price published power, Yu Sheng S330 equipped with a 1.5 L GTDi turbocharged gasoline engine, the maximum output power of 120 kW, the peak torque of 250 cattle?. The engine draws on Ford’s advanced technology, and joint research and development of Austria AVL. With the same level models in the rare turbocharger, cylinder direct injection, dual continuous variable valve timing three advanced technology. In addition, Yu Sheng S330, 6 speed manual or 6 speed manual gearbox. The 6 speed manual gearbox is Ford 6F35, 6 speed manual gearbox is the German Getrag transmission B6. At the same time, Yu Sheng is equipped with S330 engine and gearbox, and the 4WD version also matched the real-time system. Not only that, the German BOSCH, ZF, Honeywell, Dunlop, Germany, the international leading supplier for Yu Sheng S330, provide parts and key technologies for Yu Sheng S330. Yu Sheng S330 strictly follow Ford’s global quality control standards, and standard Ford stringent testing, such as high altitude, high temperature, high cold test, high speed road, stone road, twisted road, pool and other various conditions of the limit test, the Yu Sheng S330 quality standards with international standards. Yu Sheng S330 body size, length and breadth were 45881932 1676mm, wheelbase 2712mm. Yu Sheng S330 body width and wheelbase, a direct result of its large interior space, especially rear space. The seat will be transferred to the standard state, the back can even squat down a standard adult. At the same time, the rear seat also supports 46 partitions, but also improve the space utilization. Jiangling leading photo configuration, Yu Sheng S330 all models of standard BOSCH ninth generation ESP, ZF electronic power steering, 8 inch large screen display console; full automatic models standard mobile phone Internet, PEPS keyless entry and a key starting system, cruise control, electronic parking, automatic headlights, open and close the rearview mirror electric folding and heating, rain sensing wipers, TP.相关的主题文章: