Japanese court Okinawa county magistrate to halt new military bases is illegal didadi

Japanese court: Okinawa county magistrate to halt new military bases is illegal, the court ruled that the original title: "illegal" according to Xinhua news agency, Naha branch of Japan Fukuoka High Court ruled 16, Okinawa county magistrate Naga Oshi stopped in the new Henoko area of Okinawa military base "illegal act". Local government in Okinawa after losing the verdict, said it would appeal to the Supreme Court of japan. This is the first time that the court has made a judicial decision on the issue of new U.S. military bases. Naha branch said in a ruling, appointed governor approved a new base "is not assumed power in accordance with the relevant provisions of the governor," Weng long, stop the move is illegal behavior, so that Okinawa County lost. Vice governor of Okinawa County in Anqing Tian micchan said after the verdict, the verdict against Okinawa, will verify the contents of the judgment, bring a lawsuit to the Supreme Court of japan. Japanese media analysts believe that if the Supreme Court made the final judgment, Okinawa will be forced to accept the judicial decision, the Japanese government will restart the construction of a new base. However, Weng said earlier that it would use all means to resist. In 1999, the Japanese government decided to Okinawa Futenma Henoko region moved to Okinawa, the local people have been strongly opposed. In October 2015, Naga Oshi was appointed governor of the newly issued revocation base of relevant administrative licensing, halted new base construction. However, the Japanese government has terminated the executive force of the decision, so the two sides will each other to court. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: