Jackson signed Chinese illegitimate company to DNA about (video) guitarpro5

Jackson signed Chinese illegitimate company to DNA about Tencent entertainment news (text Shao Gordon) the late pop star Michael · Jackson’s illegitimate son Brandon · Howard (B. Howard) August 25th debut in Shenzhen, announced the signing of China company 90 Plus and enter the market China. Previously, Howard has said the brokerage party will announce the results of DNA test of Howard at the press conference, but in yesterday’s press conference did not arrange this link, but Michael · Jackson and Howard Joh’Vonnie; sister Jackson conducted a live video connection, this name also confirmed the close relationship between Howard and the Jackson family. The DNA MJ said about playing the game Howard was born in a musical family, the grandmother is in the rock and Roll Hall of fame The Caravans Josephine Howard, the mother is a famous American soul singer and actor Miki Howard, conference, Howard’s agent Richard said, Howard grew up in the Jackson family, childhood contact including Quincy · Jones, American music legend, the living environment has made him very solid foundation of music. Conference, asked about the impression of his father, Howard told reporters: I can tell you is that he is a person who likes to play games, when we are together, often play games together." While talking about how to treat his father’s influence on his own, Howard said: "Michael is a very important part of my life, but I am an individual, I also hope that we can pay more attention to me and my music, my lot in music talent is given." In the connection part of the scene in Michael · Jackson’s sister Joh Vonnie said, "B.Howard is proud of the achievements in music, and promised to accompany B. Howard came to China next time, and the day before, Howard’s agent also showed reporters a Joh ‘Vonnie Howard recorded video, video Joh’ Vonnie Howard called the" family ", which seemed to be able to prove Howard and Jackson family. When a reporter asked why the original DNA data released today are not open, Howard seems very awkward, responded: "I don’t think too much to say, but I am very happy to be able to be members of a family." MASTER P, AKON 90Plus also announced the signing of the contract of 90 Plus and the South American hip hop music leader MASTER P and American music legend, famous singer AKON, "MASTER P has one of the world’s most famous music brand No Limit Records", including the famous artist Snoop Dogg, Mystical, Ace.B, Romeo, Cymphonique, sitting on 5 more years相关的主题文章: