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Is apple iOS safe? Kate’s sister iCloud account was hacked – the Sohu of science and technology in 2014 the outbreak of the "Hollywood pornographic" let people remember, at that time a total of 101 stars iCloud account was broken, a large number of popular actress nude outflow, shocking. Now, another celebrity iCloud account is attacked, she is British Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton – · (Pippa Middleton). According to foreign media reports, hacked Pippa · Middleton’s iCloud account, as many as 3000 photos have been stolen. There is no lack of photos of Kate and her children, private parties, wedding dresses. It is understood that the British "Daily Mail", "sun" has made contact with the hacker, and is willing to bid 50 thousand pounds to buy these photos. The hacker named Crafty Cockney (tricky London guy), he encrypted communication tools and more than two media links. The hackers said these photos contain Pippa · Middleton’s fiance James · Mathews nude. At present, Pippa · Middleton’s lawyer has confirmed this news, London local police have started investigation. Pippa Middleton and her fiance James · Mathews · it also can not help but worry, iOS is no longer safe, in the first half of this year FBI and Apple’s farce, the last FBI spent $about 1000000 to unlock a iPhone5c success. Even scammers can use iOS’s calendar for harassment, and the new generation of ios10 is a lot of people tucao. IOS 10 is just published, it is controversial generation system, such as brick, VoLTE can’t use 7P iPhone, "hiss" etc.. According to foreign media reports, the researchers found that the Elcomsoft code, iTunes backup file crack iOS 10 system than in previous years will be easier, they have even given the measured data, 2500 times easier than iOS 9. IOS backup contains a lot of sensitive data, such as keys, phone numbers and other information. Elcomsoft said they were able to try 6 million passwords in a second, the probability of obtaining the correct password up to 90%. Elcomsoft gives the reason that iOS 10’s new password mechanism skipped some security checks. Apple has revealed that it will solve the problem in the future iOS update. Now the network is really terrible terrorist violence, scared me to change the film camera"相关的主题文章: