IPO on the eve of the rejection of the burden of the carnivorous COFCO COFCO tenth listed companies pppd-175

IPO on the eve of the rejection of the burden of the carnivorous COFCO COFCO tenth listed companies – Beijing newspaper reporter Jin Xiaoyan reported a continuous rise in the price of pork has become the direct impetus, October 6th listed COFCO COFCO carnivorous carnivorous, held pre roadshow, now listed on the road to COFCO carnivorous countdown stage. And other counterparts, COFCO carnivorous profitability and scale is not good, but for the market, at the sale of Suqian COFCO carnivorous subsidiary assets to dress up performance loss. If the listing is successful, it will be the parent company of COFCO tenth listed companies. Hongkong listed it is understood that the news of the earliest listed COFCO carnivorous came in June 27th of this year, at that time, its application to the HKEx listed on the main board, and submit the application form, CO sponsored by Morgan stanley. Until October 6th, according to Hongkong "Oriental Daily" reported that the state-owned COFCO COFCO’s carnivorous start premarketing on that day. According to COFCO carnivorous public filings show that as the main pig breeding and meat processing integrated enterprise, COFCO carnivorous 2015 turnover of 5 billion 56 million yuan, net profit of 151 million yuan, this is just a turnaround of the carnivorous food results. According to "China Times" reporter, COFCO carnivorous mainly engaged in two major businesses, including pig breeding, production of fresh meat and meat products, and engaged in the import and sale of frozen meat and by-products in China. The introduction of the MITSUBISHI group in 2011 to 2014, to introduce strategic investors, baring private equity fund KKR, the Singapore sovereign fund Temasek and Boyu for financial investors. 3 companies set up specific equity ratio of COFCO and Japan MIY joint venture through the joint venture company holds 55% stake in Minghui COFCO carnivorous, Ming Hui in the joint venture company, COFCO shares accounted for 67%, 3 Japanese companies accounted for 33% of shares. In June 2014, KKR, baring funds, Magnolia fund, Bo Yu fund invested $270 million stake in the agency currently COFCO carnivorous, holds 20%, 9%, 8.2% and 7.8% stake. Public information display, as of now, COFCO has carnivorous pig farms in 47 China, 2 slaughtering factories, 2 meat processing factory. According to consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, according to the 2015 hog production calculation, ranked fourth in the China COFCO carnivorous pig breeding market. COFCO in listed reporting documents show carnivorous, carnivorous pig COFCO annual production capacity from 1 million 340 thousand in December 31, 2013 to 2 million 290 thousand head at the end of 2015, a compound annual growth rate of 30.7%. And "expected pig production capacity increased to more than 3 million 500 thousand head before the end of 2016". In the performance of the carnivorous food, pig breeding business sales of 1 billion 750 million yuan, the business turnover of 2 billion 107 million yuan of fresh pork meat products, sales of 329 million 800 thousand yuan. An industry source said, COFCO carnivorous is the main meat importers, imported meat and meat prices 13 cheaper than domestic, imports have the advantage of cofco. Peel loss business in the first half of this year, hog prices continue to rise, has exceeded 20 kg, which may promote.相关的主题文章: