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IPhone 7 hardware cost how much? The 128GB version is less than 2000iPhone 7 Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 21st news, according to foreign media reports, iPhone 7 has been available for a few days, this is the best so far: Apple iPhone support waterproof, super A10 processor and improved camera, longer battery life, stereo speakers, but cut off the 3.5 mm headset interface. So what is the cost of the equipment that costs $650 to $970? CNN estimates the cost of parts of iPhone 7 based on market conditions: – screen: $37. – battery: $4. – Camera: $26. – logic board: $74. – Speaker: $11.50. Shell: $22. – other parts: $117.50. Among them, other parts, including a variety of small sensors and baseband, etc., in addition to these, the most expensive on the number of the board and the screen. Together, we can learn that a 128GB iPhone 7 hardware material cost of about $292 (about RMB 1927). In contrast, its retail price is as high as $750 (about 4950 yuan, the State Bank price of $6188). This means that the hardware cost is only 7 of the iPhone price of $39%. Of course, this does not include software and marketing costs, as well as other invisible costs. So what is the final cost of iPhone 7? I’m afraid only apple knows. (compile sail)相关的主题文章: