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Investment in 10 billion 800 million yuan investment in the first half net profit fell by nearly $90% Sina exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Branch of China Merchants or are seeking company "registered to PE", the first half of this year to establish specialized management institutions PE business is a wholly owned subsidiary – reporter Zuo Yonggang in August 23rd, three new board listed companies to disclose semi annual branch of China Merchants show that during the reporting period, operating income was 560 million yuan, down 26.27%. Attributable to shareholders of listed company net profit of 43 million 100 thousand yuan, down by 87.74%. At the same time, as of June 30th this year, the 4 increase in the amount of funds raised in the 10 billion 884 million set has been used in the end of 2015. The report said, the volatility of securities market directly affect the company’s fair value at the exit, exit pipe project timing and projects in the pipe market, thereby affecting the company’s strategic plan and investment income, the company in the report period operating performance growth pressure. Worthy of attention is the data, during the reporting period, net cash flow from operating activities in the division of investment for the -3.53 million, -7733.39 million for the same period last year, the main reason is that the company received cash and investment management business of 189 million yuan less than last year, an increase of 93 million 854 thousand and 600 yuan salary expenditure caused by the net cash flow of investment; the -33.16 billion, -52.42 billion for the same period last year, the main reason is that last year’s foreign investment spending due to the larger; net cash flow from financing activities was 2 billion 279 million yuan, 8 billion 807 million yuan last year, mainly due to the company’s stock offering to raise funds in the same period last year. As of June 30, 2016, the company’s 2015 annual stock offering funds have been used. "Securities Daily" the reporter through the flush statistics, in 2015 the division of investment has 4 times the implementation of growth, raising funds totaling 10 billion 884 million yuan. From the beginning of April last year, the first increase in fund-raising, investment in less than a year and a half, will be 10 billion 884 million yuan run out. With regulators on the listing of PE institutions as well as tighter regulation of financing, as a typical new three board listing PE agency, the Department of investment or is seeking the company registered to PE". The report shows that in the reporting period, China Merchants organized relevant personnel to study the way and notice documents, and actively implement business rectification, establish specialized management institutions PE business is a wholly owned subsidiary – Shenzhen city Qianhai branch of venture investment Cci Capital Ltd. China Merchants said it will strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the requirements, standardize the operation, and actively rectification, and in accordance with the corresponding content and format of information disclosure guidelines, conscientiously fulfill the obligation to disclose information. In February 4th this year, China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association issued a private equity fund information disclosure management approach, the disclosure of private equity fund information disclosure activities put forward normative requirements. May 27th, the whole theory相关的主题文章: