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Into the "young people", "big country" it is hard to imagine – Beijing, the people’s Bank of Chinese Intern photo. Cultural Department Intern photo. Lead "ziqidonglai, Xiaguang asamoto." Zhongnanhai is located in the sea, on the west side, is the leading comrades of the State Council met with foreign guests in the important places. , is sponsored by the central state organs of the party propaganda network name. Is admired by countless, young students and longing for the "tall". Since the beginning of 2014, the central state organs, the Central Committee of Communist Youth League, the National Federation jointly implement the central state organs (",") internship plan, organize and guide the young students into the central state organs practice, experience organ operation, understand the national governance system, then the firm ideals and beliefs, cognition of national conditions and public sentiment, overall growth; at the same time to promote the central state organs in young students and the public accountability and transparency, build the national civil service students and Youth Exchange platform. Since then, every year in the hot summer, the Supreme People’s court and the State Development and Reform Commission and other central state organs, party business, comprehensive positions, a group of researchers from the Peking University, Tsinghua University and other well-known colleges and universities students in business practice, government observation, characteristics of the exchange as the main content of practice work. Implementation of the past 3 years, to participate in the ministries from the family of 5 to increase the number of colleges and universities involved in the increase from 5 to the number of students involved in the increase from 38 to 136 people by the year. Next, let us look at the 2016 internship students and tutors, participate in ministries and University Youth League "narrative story,"…… Jia Rundong (State Intellectual Property Office Intern, Peking University, 2016 graduate degree in Regional Economics) in practice I have a lot of thinking and sentiment, summed up is the "one big and small three". The first is the feeling of "big country", I am responsible for finishing the two cabinet documents, cover more than 1 thousand chapter through the filing, from the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the state ministries and provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and non-governmental organizations of the document, I appreciate this great country, security the people happy and healthy operation, management system is not actually as big as I thought. The second is "career", each ministries are a country oriented business, everyone is one of the important part, like a small gear, efficient and coordinated operation to make our country better and faster. The third is "responsibility", as the central authorities and the national ministries, every decision, every document is the guidance and direction of the work programme, this responsibility weightier than Mount Tai. "Small" refers to, from the trivial, face the nation of the big, big business, big responsibility, we should start from the "small" hard solid forged character learning, the cultivation of virtue, wrong faith, honest hard-working down-to-earth man. Through practice, I realized the importance of intellectual property rights in the development of the country, especially in the cause of scientific and technological innovation. Innovation driven development strategy is one of China’s national development strategy since the eighteen, and to encourage scientific and technological innovation, enhance the invention and creation, must be the first intellectual property protection.相关的主题文章: