Intermediary showings with return hit the truck caused 3 dead 1 injured driver was arrested (video)-dachiyouxiang

Intermediary showings with return hit the truck caused 3 dead 1 injured driver was arrested (Figure 1) in July 2016, the Minhang traffic police detachment police received a warning that the car and the truck collided with the traffic accident happened in S32 Expressway in Minhang East 43.2 kilometers. The police rushed to the scene disposal after the discovery, a large truck was a car to the emergency Lane end, killed three passengers in the car, the driver was injured. After the review of the Minhang District people’s Procuratorate decided to arrest the suspect Jiangmou approved. "I put the truck parked in the emergency parking lane about four or five minutes or so, only heard ‘Bang’ sound, feel to the rear of the car by the impact, then saw a car rushed out from our car." According to the truck driver Zhang recalled the day with his brother 3Run driving a truck ready to go to Fengxian from Qingpu City West pull goods. When he drove the truck along the S32 high speed from west to east when traveling to 43.2 km, the truck dashboard on the water temperature indicator shows the temperature is high, he will be parked on the right side of the car in the emergency parking lane. Zhang said the weather was very hot day, the car opened the air conditioning plus some sections of the road need to climb, so the water temperature rise faster. In the past, when he was driving the problem of rising water temperature, the car will be parked in the emergency lane, such as natural cooling. When he stopped the truck, two people are sitting in the car did not get off, four or five minutes later, with a loud "bang", the body has been severely hit, not what happened to find out, they saw a car from the car rushed out. They called the police immediately after the accident. In the relevant judicial department’s inquiry, Zhang admitted that he only opened the double jump lights after parking, then did not set warning signs in the car. And he never thought four or five minutes later, the tragedy occurred, the three were taken away from life. From the surveillance video, you can see a car suddenly hit right in the emergency Lane on the big truck. The scene is a mess, the car front has been completely knocked out by the same distortion, the compression deformation of the engine and other internal components. The roof is also in the fierce impact of the loss of sight, exposing the car seat, car parts scattered on the highway, the car’s three lives quietly in the crash. While the large truck in the crash only the tail is damaged. "I say the event to the micro channel driver afternoon, I called my family they didn’t answer, I know it really hurt……" The victim Liu’s wife cried. The suspect Jiangmou was a real estate agent, he drove to the Liu family by Liu and Liu’s parents went to Jiaxing showings on the same day, on the way back, the victim Liu sitting in the passenger seat, while sitting in the back of his parents. Jiangmou has maintained a speed of 80 to 100 kilometers per hour, after the accident he was plunged into a coma, after the recovery to recover after the rescue. After appearing in court, he confessed to the examination authority, the weather was fine that day, the road is in good condition, traffic is not large. Because he was hit, in the car on the way to bump into a large truck, he was not aware of the time fuzzy. P相关的主题文章: