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Intel Li Desheng: optimistic entrepreneurs focus on money out of technology – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Yi Yuan Zhi what news October 22nd due to typhoon Haima landed and the extension of the day "Shenzhen exchange Festival" held today in Shenzhen Nanshan District sea world in the morning opening, "self-made" theory in the forum, Intel China strategic cooperation and innovation business department general manager Li Desheng China issued a "work together to win the future innovation, accelerate the keynote speech, a comprehensive explanation of the Intel continue to promote innovative entrepreneurial vision, and introduced to stimulate the creating invention create the technology innovation platform and support mode. Maker Faire is the world’s largest passenger record rally, Shenzhen system for the Faire section of the Chinese version of the Maker, naturally also got a lot of attention. This morning the forum called "self talk", is intended to create customized to provide the opportunity to share their experience in the creative process and experience, get the attention of the world. To do the creation of booster Li Desheng believes that the Internet of things and the future trend of development, the interaction between objects and things are inseparable from the efficient Internet technology. The emphasis on "public entrepreneurship, when highly innovative, these technologies have not led to several big companies, which is the origin of the guests. But he is also very calm for innovation and entrepreneurship. He believes that the current venture has entered a relatively stable period, a few people can make disruptive products basically impossible, this time on the high requirements of cooperation. He explained that in the entrepreneurial team he most afraid to see the front, rear service team grabbed hardware. Each team should identify its strengths and work with other companies that have advantages. Intel is on the basis of the most basic hardware and chips to create customer support, but also from the brand effect of these new projects in a short period of time to gain great attention. In order to better support creating innovation, provides a technology platform for the development of a series of basic pay, including, Curie, Edison, Genuino 101, Intel for developers of different types, will effectively reduce the technical barriers to creating new product development, to help customers create fast idea into a product prototype, create new the invention of more valuable. The four modules have their own originality, the smallest Curie only button size, low power consumption, very suitable for wearable devices. It is better to add precision, suitable for the use of more mature enterprises. How does Intel innovate with China? Li Desheng said that Intel will work in cooperation with the Chinese government and enterprises from three aspects of chip cooperation, strategic investment, public innovation to promote innovation. Currently, HUAWEI, Lenovo, BAT, millet and Intel have a cooperative relationship, and the creation of customer support is another way of innovation Intel. Investment, Thunis has invested 10 billion to cooperate. In addition, in the creation of customer support, Intel also set up a special angel funds, support for outstanding projects. It is understood that the angels.相关的主题文章: