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In an interview with the rock of Tian Ning: the secret of the success of small and medium enterprises in Hangzhou is "independent innovation" — Finance — September 9 Beijing Xinhua (Sun Yang) Zhejiang small and micro enterprise development, growth in Hangzhou. In recent years, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Hangzhou has been at the forefront of the country, not only entrenched in a large number of innovative activity in the domestic enterprise groups, more nourishing a group with entrepreneurial spirit and responsibility of entrepreneurs. As the chairman and founder of CEO, a network alliance, Tian Ning in 2011 had as the world’s outstanding young entrepreneurs in Cannes to participate in the B20 summit in france. And this year’s B20 summit is particularly special for him, in his own business, the second hometown, he was invited to join the group of Business Summit (B20) task force of the group of twenty. At the same time, he accepted an interview with the people’s network also shows the secret of the success of small and medium enterprises in Hangzhou. The development of small and medium-sized enterprises to "Neiwaijianxiu" Tian Ning believes that small and medium-sized enterprises is not only the main body of the global market economy, is the power source of raw power to further tap the China economy. "There are 10 people in each of the 9 Chinese SMEs, SMEs contribute to the country’s annual contribution of 60% GDP", how to promote the development of SMEs sharing, is an important issue of China’s economic restructuring. Centering on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, Tian Ning puts forward his own suggestions from the perspective of external policy environment and the enterprise’s own transformation. Capital chain rupture is the cause of the collapse of the vast majority of small and medium enterprises. Reduce the financing threshold of SMEs, and create a favorable financing environment conducive to the development of smes." Tian Ning also proposed to expand the financing channels B20 working group recommendations. At the same time, Tian Ning believes that to further reduce taxes for SMEs to reduce costs, reduce the burden and cost of entrepreneurship, the establishment of a healthy entrepreneurial environment is the key to stimulate entrepreneurial vitality. Small and medium enterprises from the point of view of their own, Tian Ning put forward three suggestions: one is to abandon the traditional thinking, the market demand for the development of small and beautiful products, develop the artisan spirit; two is to focus on innovation, not only to product innovation, but also to the concept of innovation; finally, to become "vanguard Internet plus" really, using the Internet to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading. Hangzhou small and medium enterprises from the success of "independent innovation" how to upgrade and integrate into the global ecology is the key to the long-term development of smes. As the development of small and medium enterprises in the country leader, Hangzhou experience is worth learning from. Tian Ning said that the secret of success of SMEs in Hangzhou independent innovation and self-reliance. "Entrepreneurs need to change the thinking, take the initiative to adapt to the new market mechanism," Tian Ning said, small and medium-sized enterprises should make full use of the Internet platform with the help of this tool, Internet plus, intelligent manufacturing technology innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. It is understood that Tian Ning created rock network alliance is a Hangzhou local Internet companies, focused on small and medium-sized enterprises to provide online advertising services. In the course of 13 years of growth, through the development of enterprises and the Internet technology closely integrated, greatly reducing the marketing costs of smes. At the same time, he believes that small and medium enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, as an important force in scientific and technological innovation, must be added相关的主题文章: