In 2015 the people of Beijing online shopping spend 761 yuan per capita – Sohu news lformat

In 2015, the average cost of online shopping in Beijing was 761 yuan – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Wen Wei) 2015, Beijing residents through the Internet to buy goods and services per capita expenditure of 761 yuan, an increase of 45%. Among them, nearly 7 of the family online shopping "decision maker" is a woman. Beijing Bureau of statistics, the National Bureau of statistics Beijing Investigation Corps 24 issued a survey of online shopping households, said, in the online shopping behavior of 500 households, the main policy makers of 67.4% women. Age structure mainly concentrated in the age of 30 years old and above, the top three were 30-39, 50 years old and above, 40-49 years old, accounted for 39.2%, 25.2% and 23.4%, respectively. The report shows that 30-39 year old people are the main force of home online shopping. The top three were 30-39, 50 and older, 40-49 years old, accounting for 39.2%, 25.2% and 23.4%, respectively. The report also said that most of the online shoppers belong to middle and low income groups. From the employment and income situation, the top three groups are enterprise (company) employees, unemployed laid-off workers, retired housewives (main male), party and government organs and institutions staff, the proportion is 47.2%, 22.6% and 18.8% respectively. Among them, the monthly income of 2001-5000 yuan accounted for 49.8%, 5001-10000 yuan accounted for 34.6%, 2000 yuan and below and 10001 yuan and above were 8.4% and 7.2% respectively. The questionnaire shows that online shopping is mainly concentrated in food, clothing, household daily necessities and so on. Specifically, in the first row of clothing, shoes and hats, home textiles, there are 442 people bought, accounted for 88.4%; second is the family on the miscellaneous category, bought the goods have 264 people, accounting for 52.8%; the third is food, beverage, tobacco, health care products, 253 people buy too such goods, accounting for 50.6%.

2015年北京市民网购人均花费761元-搜狐新闻  新京报快讯(记者温薷)2015年,北京市居民通过互联网购买商品和服务的人均支出为761元,同比增长45%。其中,近7成的家庭网购“决策者”是女性。   北京市统计局、国家统计局北京调查总队24日发布家庭网购调查报告称,在有网购行为的500个居民家庭中,主要决策者67.4%为女性。   年龄结构主要集中在30岁及以上年龄段的人群,排在前三位的依次是30-39岁、50岁及以上、40-49岁的人员,分别占39.2%、25.2%和23.4%。   报告显示,30-39岁年龄段人员为家庭网购的主力。排在前三位的是依次是30-39岁、50岁及以上、40-49岁的人员,分别占39.2%、25.2%和23.4%。   报告还称,网购者多数属于中低收入人群。从就业和收入情况来看,排在前三位的人群分别是企业(公司)员工、待业 下岗 求职 离退休 家庭主妇(主男)、党政机关 事业单位职员,所占比例分别为47.2%、22.6%和18.8%。其中,月收入在2001-5000元的占49.8%,在5001-10000元的占34.6%,2000元及以下和10001元及以上的分别为8.4%和7.2%。   调查问卷显示,网购商品主要集中在食品、衣着、家庭日用品等。具体来看,排在第一位的是服装、鞋帽、家用纺织品类,有442人购买过,占88.4%;第二位是家庭日杂用品类,购买过该类商品的有264人,占52.8%;第三位是食品、饮料、烟酒、保健品类,253人购买过此类商品,占50.6%。相关的主题文章: