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Security Do you feel like you are in the dark as to what is really going on at your rental property? Have you been told by your management company that your place has not been rented for over 2 months, but suddenly is booked the day you want to use it? Are you miles away from your rental property and wary of the management company you currently use? Have you visited your rental property only to find that it is currently being used without your knowledge? These are just a few of the many stories and complaints that we hear on a regular basis. If only your lock could talk Well now, they can. Schlage has developed a lock called the LiNK in which you use your computer or cell phone to send a signal through your home router, which then sends a signal to the Schlage Bridge, which in turn sends a wireless signal to the lockset. The Bridge is the device that creates a network within your home that connects the lockset to the internet and it can relay a signal to the devices for up to 100ft. You can also add lights, thermostats, and cameras to the system. Using Schlages web interface, you can give someone access to your property as well as check to see who is going in and out of your property. This lock does require that you have internet access at the location of the lock in order for it to function and they also charge a monthly subscription fee of $12.99. Another lock on the market that allows you to see what is really going on at your property is called ResortLock. This lock uses a website to generate codes for those you want to allow access but in addition offers additional software to install on your computer which also allows you to generate temporary codes, but also gives you additional functions such as audit trail and time shift scheduling. You can assign guests, employees, or contractors names to every code and ibutton you provide. Via the programming ibutton, which is like a key fob, you can then download access information from the lock and view on your computer. It will show the date, time, and user/code that has accessed the property. The time shift scheduling allows you to create codes/ibuttons for employees, cleaning crews, management companies, etc., that will only work under the dates and times that you specify. The code/ibutton will not provide access during any other time. The great thing about the ResortLock is that there are no monthly subscription fees and you do not have to have an internet connection at the location of the lock in order to use it. The ResortLocks unique serial number is input into the software/website and thus links the lock to it. The software will run the same algorithm as the lock runs once this serial number is input and hence, no internet connection needed and the correct codes for that particular lock will be produced. Finally, property managers can rest assured that they are in complete control of their properties, even if they are hundreds of miles away. Gone are the days of feeling left in the dark about what really goes on at your rental location, business, or home. When you are questioning who is accessing your property, now all you need to do is ask your lock to tell you all the answers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: