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Ibrahimovic: I regret not being able to Mourinho longer Guardiola is parrot crap – Sohu sports Ibrahimovic: I regret not being able to Mourinho longer   Premier League superstar Ibrhimovic and Mourinho relationship deep almost known, Swedish and Portuguese coach to win the league and the Italy Super Cup champion in the 200809 season help international Milan. And after this, Ibrahimovic joined the Guardiola coach in Barcelona, this bad move experience can be said to be very influential Swedish occupation career "stain". In a season at the Nou Camp effect, Ibrahimovic and Guardiola broke the discord rumors, the final Swedish left Barcelona. Mourinho and Guardiola are all top coaches in the world; Ibrahimovic, a football world hero, not only won numerous honors, and was also "kuamut" strike fighter. In the eyes of the Swedish star, Mourinho and Guardiola is simply the sky and the ground. Ibrahimovic regretted not being able to work longer for Jose Mourinho, and about Guardiola, in his autobiography, Ibrahimovic mocked him as a parrot. Ibrahimovic had an interview with the appreciation of Mourinho A Fagafaga: "Mourinho is a very smart man, he knows everything about the game. I regret this life is not much, but I regret that year did not have more time in the hands of Jose mourinho. And when I had the chance to play again to go, I am very easy to make a decision to join Manchester united." Ibrahimovic in his autobiography, "I am Zlatan" also explained his relationship with Mourinho and Guardiola, Swedish and Spanish coach relationship is very bad. Ibrahimovic wrote in his autobiography: I still do not know the location of the problem where Guardiola. I don’t think he can control his strong personality. Guardiola is in need of good players, like a student. In addition, he has nothing to do, he even shirk his responsibility, he can not understand the reasons for making things worse. Because of the volcano in Iceland led the team not arrived in Milan City, Barcelona team some brain problem people think it is a good idea to take the bus. I have to return to the Meazza meet Inter fans booed for, this is no problem, but I’m tired of the bus trip. Mourinho is a very straightforward person, I love him very much. He’s a superstar. He won the Champions League in Oporto. When I was in Milan, he was my manager. The first time he met my wife, he said, "you have only one task, to meet any of Ibrahimovic’s needs, to get enough sleep and keep a good mood." Mourinho O is so direct, but he is also very careful, and often send text messages to ask me how. Guardiola is just the opposite of Mourinho. If Mourinho lit a lamp, Guardiola was the one who put out the light. Before the Champions League semi-final, Guardiola said: "we are facing Inter, not Mourinho!" That’s just nonsense. I didn’t hear it, because it was all nonsense. What he said is rubbish, I’ve never seen it相关的主题文章: