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I hope someone will understand your head does not speak, carefully guard your childish concern public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: bedside reading mature side is for outsiders to see that there was eternal love and keen on this, mostly women. Perhaps, I suddenly thought, my destiny is the red candle burning on the table, the flame up, tears flow. A person’s loneliness is not terrible. The most terrible thing is to have a partner after the lonely. Partner is bad, but you can’t leave him, that is the most lonely. I am such a limited person, but is willing to tell you so much about every day, not because I love to chat, just because I love you. The mature side is for outsiders to see, childish side is to love to see. There are a lot of words to say with you, but you don’t find me, I was cool, so I can’t talk with you, and then put them down into many words, and everyone boring saying, at last I tell the story, but nobody knows. My passion is limited, you grasp the time. I was going to pick you up, but think about it. I reach for the stars, I can’t reach you. So many people are anxious to squeeze into your life, I also have such head broken and bleeding. But now only I was about to retreat, so you can only sign me. When everyone thought I had fast, I’m just a person walked a difficult road. I want someone to understand your bow, and guard your childish. I take you the rest of my life with him, please don’t make me sad, don’t let my heart. So then, I live with you as partners, and for the home. Ring a piece of land, to build a new house, you with fresh and I played the song, the Crimson Sunset dance, and a few deer, you and I like a wine, with the rest of your life, live together. (pictures from the canopy net) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: