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I now call it God, James is not a kind of feeling? Today’s science and technology Sohu – the game is really God is the name of the game: Gorogoa (the world) the game is really very small, the whole game file is only 225 MB, and it’s only a demo version of Demo. The operation of the game is really very, very simple, all operations need only the left mouse button on it. And this game is really really very God, this is not what I said, who would have said so. Blow so black, know you don’t believe, seeing is believing, you appreciate Dr.D. Into the game, is a small animation. What is this thing?… Like fish and dragons, and why do they appear in cities? At that moment a little boy saw all this. He is the protagonist of the game it seems to be very knowledgeable appearance, immediately picked up the book in the search for such biological information, but also found… That is called you to learn the bar it is called the following information: tell the truth Dr.D simply do not understand… But for the so-called, this has no effect on the game, the ball five is to go to collect below the picture of the game player. Although the plot cannot read, but the style is not particularly like? While the game music perfectly fit this aesthetic style, mysterious and elegant. However, these are not enough to make Gorogoa known as the God, it really is God’s puzzle part of it, the brain hole simply to break through the sky!!! We do not believe that the game is divided into four windows suddenly. With the mouse can drag the screen to a different window, you can also split the screen! Click on the arrow can be moved from the perspective of the scene, is not a bit mean? The scene can not only split, but also can be like this: scene coincidence! Primary school space through?!! The next picture let Dr.D completely shocked: what?!! Is that apple?!!! No right… Seems to be wrong… What?!! The game can play like this???!!! A perfect picture of a twig on the wall in the paintings of apple, Curve Wrecker bowl and distant corner of the three unrelated scenes actually composed of scene linkage cleverly let we got the apple. This hole in my head! Rather than a brain hole, this is more like a visual fraud, breaking the conventional human perception, the impossible becomes possible, no wonder the game is called the world of painting! Such a breakthrough puzzle of cognitive, in the game there are many, such as the collection of green apple is this: in the background of this monster is really handsome!!! With the powerful BGM to see the moment it eyeball rotation, Dr.D all tremble! Have you ever thought of picking an apple out of your eye? It is also a wonderful picture of linkage cancer相关的主题文章: