Hubei Tianmen Hanbei River Lake flood diversion complex keel Beijing dike – success sayu-02

Hubei Tianmen Hanbei River Lake flood diversion dike complex keel success – the news agency of the new network in Hubei Tianmen 26, August (Tian Duanlei Cao Xufeng) 11 noon on August 26th, after the Armed Police Hydropower seven detachment of soldiers 8 days of hard fighting, Hubei Tianmen Hanbei River Lake flood diversion dike restoration success keel. In July 20th, the flood Tianmen Hanbei River over the history, the water level reached 31.35 meters, along the embankment appear much danger. Approved by the Hubei provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters, the 20 day at 22:30 to open keel lake, East White Lake, Xiao Yanhu 3 sluice, and Ba Lu Li bridge below the boiling water measures of flood diversion dike flood diversion point. All personnel in the flood diversion area according to the plan all transferred to safe areas. From the beginning of July 28th, the north of Han River flood diversion area began to decline, spit hong. Tianmen Hu Town waterlogging basically drained after the keel Lake pumping station, East White Lake pumping station pump motor layer has been discharged water, with the flood diversion closure dike complex conditions. In August 18th, Hubei Sheng Fangzhi unified dispatch, armed police detachment of seven hydropower emergency deployment of 110 soldiers, carrying 25 sets of main equipment, gallops Longgu Lake flood diversion dike complex reconstruction task execution. Site commander, Armed Police Hydropower seven detachment vice captains Wang Guoqiang, flood mouth 142 meters long, 8 meters deep, backfill embankment Fonda 30 thousand square, take the "clay cofferdam, water clear bottom, dike slope, layered backfill compaction, complex embankment slope trimming scheme". "As soon as possible in order to complete the construction tasks, and two shifts, 24 hours a day and night, people break machine stop. When coupled with the high temperature period, the soldiers every day all wet". Wang Guoqiang said. It is understood that the complex task for the completion of flood diversion dike, Tianmen mobilize all sectors of society to establish material field, transit field, reserve 30 thousand stone transport vehicles more than 100 call multi cycle uninterrupted delivery of stone. (end)相关的主题文章: