Huaxing capital not to act as Baidu did not confirm media information and new negotiation fa ca1834

Huaxing capital: not to act as Baidu did not confirm media information and new negotiation FA Sina Francisco September 7th noon news, Huaxing capital official said in a statement today, Huaxing capital to participate in the news and the fact that the combination of Baidu Nuomi and takeaway and beauty group comments inconsistent. Yesterday evening, the media broke the news that Baidu is confirmed and group comment takeaway business merger transaction negotiations, and hired Huaxing capital as a financial consultant. But today, Huaxing capital official said in a statement that the matters related to the media, "not Huaxing capital information confirmation issued by the relevant news last night, Huaxing capital is inconsistent with the facts." Huaxing capital also said that as the financial consultant case will not be released before completion and leakage, not to boast of fabricating facts". Yesterday evening, Baidu also through the official micro-blog denied on the sale of the O2O business, Baidu said in a statement: the recent media reports on the new Baidu and glutinous rice and takeaway business merger talks, related rumors inconsistent with the fact that Baidu has never hired in Huaxing capital merger talks. Recently, Baidu World Congress and announced the "artificial intelligence" direction, began to be viewed as being abandoned in 2015 announced the O2O strategy, but Baidu, O2O and Baidu takeaway business related Baidu Nuomi has denied. Previously, in early August of this year, there is news that Baidu is packaged into glutinous rice and takeout beauty group comments, but later because Baidu temporarily silencing rumor. Now, Baidu Nuomi and Baidu takeaway into beauty group news comment once again in the air, and spread in even a "negotiations completed 80%", for this argument, Baidu’s internal stakeholders to Sina said: "the rumor can accurate to complete the merger talks, and is 80%, this is a simple questions." (Li Gen)相关的主题文章: