How To Take Steps To Financial Freedom By Growing Supportive Beliefs About

Debt-Consolidation One of the things I learned from T Harv Eker as I took steps to financial freedom was that my inner world creates my outer world (my results). There are three types of inner world: 1.Mental 2.Emotional 3.Spiritual Most people only focus on the outer (physical) world when seeking to achieve financial freedom. Think of the physical world as similar to the fruits on a tree its the roots that create the fruit and if you want better fruit, you have to focus on nurturing the roots. A lack of money in the physical world simply means that something is wrong in the mental, emotional or spiritual worlds. Check out the state of your mental, emotional and spiritual worlds by responding to the following simple questions with the answer a or b: Do you believe that life is a struggle (a) or that life is easy (b)? Are you consistent (b) or inconsistent (a) in your positive daily actions around money? Do you have a spending (a) or a saving approach (b) to money? Do you tend to choose winning investments (b) or non-winning investments (a)? If you answered (a) to any of the above questions, then you probably have some unsupportive beliefs about money. Beliefs are simply thoughts which are held to be true by you and which will govern and determine your feelings, actions and results. The fascinating thing is that we tend to see the world as we are and not actually how it is. Your conclusions about life and especially your beliefs around money were drawn up by you during childhood and are nothing more than illusions which have become self-fulfilling prophecies. These beliefs give rise to daily habits and the chains of habit are usually too light to be felt until theyre too heavy to be broken. Once we have formed a belief, our minds favorite pastime is to be right, but as T Harv Eker says you can be right or you can be rich but you cant be both. If youre serious about taking steps to financial freedom, its vital that you first understand your own beliefs about money. Start by thinking about your parents words and actions about money what did you see or hear about money as a child? Was money a scarce or an abundant resource? Having listed your current beliefs, amend the wording to make them empowering and positive. Then use the empowering and positive versions as daily incantations and incorporate them into your daily Hour of Power or Thirty Minutes To Thrive as Tony Robbins calls it. Examples of good, supportive incantations are all I need is within me now and all the wealth I need is within me now. If youve realized that you parents words and actions around money were not conducive to taking steps to financial freedom , add the following daily declaration My parents ways of thinking and dealing with money are not mine. Learn to separate yourself from your thoughts as you take steps to financial freedom by asking the question does this thought support me or disempower me? About the Author: Andrew Bridgewater is a Chartered Psychologist and the creator of Steps To Financial Freedom for coaches, trainers and therapists. Andrew put this simple money management system to work in 2005 and has created financial freedom in less than 5 years. For a limited time only, download your free 5 Steps To Financial Freedom audio from Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Debt-Consolidation 相关的主题文章: