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Home-Improvement How To Select A Roofing Contractor In Houston The 5 Tough Questions That Almost Every Contractor Does Not Want You To Know or Ask When we created the How to Select A HardiPlank Company in Austin, we phrased them in a way that requires two things to happen. A) The contractor has to have the enough knowledge and experience to answer the questions properly, and B) The answers to the questions clearly tell you that the company has the essential things in place to protect you, the homeowner and provide a favorable outcome. It is important that you ask the questions exactly as it is phrased, so we recommend that you use a cheat sheet of these exact questions. It is also important that you let each contractor know that you will ask each contractor for verification for their answers. This will prevent the temptation to exaggerate. Keep in mind that most honest contractors realize that these key things that you are asking are what separate the quality contractors from the fly-by-night contractors that cause so many problems for homeowners. Remember that these little details at the beginning will help you hire the right person for your project. So let us get started. #1 How many years have you been in business under this business name? Failure rate is extremely high in the home improvement industry for businesses under the 8th year mark. So forego some of the issues that come with younger businesses. It is common in the home improvement industry to exaggerate the amount of years in business by stating their total years in the industry. Try to avoid anyone with less than 10 years of business history under that business name. This should ensure the level of consistency and services provided to you throughout the project. #2 What are the windzone requirements in my area? Depending on where you live, the requirements for installation can vary drastically. Make sure that the person you choose is aware of these standards and follows strict installation guidelines. They should be able to tell you which windzone you are in currently. Non-compliance can nullify your insurance. #3 Do you really need to permit projects like this? The answer should be yes. If you are project is not permitted, it is common now for the city or municipality to require that all previous work be completely removed, torn down and re-done under the permit requirements at the expense of the homeowner. This is if they catch you in the process of doing work without a permit. #4 What type of insurance do you carry? Any contractor that you consider for your project should have two key insurance policies in place. Workers compensation and $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage. The potential for liability is unlimited here for homeowners, and this is another key place where most contractors will cut corners. Make sure that your best interest is covered by choosing someone that has both policies in place and then ask for proof. #5 Do you add your clients as an additional insured? This is where almost everyone gets it wrong. If the client is not listed as the additional insured on the contractors insurance then it is the client that is at financial risk if any serious accidents happen while working on their home. On a final note, Remodeler magazine reports over 40% of work performed on home improvement this year will need to be completely replaced after one year due to poor workmanship which then cost twice as much to replace. Do not be a victim. Follow the 5 keys. For professional assistance and expert advice for exterior home improvements, visit us at ..alltexexteriors.. we can help you choose the best home improvement options that suits your needs. Im Travis Jenkins wishing you good luck with your next project. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: