Hebei wins the crown is not clear this year related issues more than 50 thousand new network – in 1256789

Hebei wins the crown is not clear this year has more than 50 thousand related issues – Beijing original title: Hebei wins the lazy politics negligent governance is not official this year has cleared more than 50 thousand related issues in Shijiazhuang. In September 14th of Electroacupuncture on lazy politics lazy politics not as not in the state of Hebei province this year. At the beginning of the special clean-up work. Up to now the province to clean up the relevant issues 54600, which has completed the rectification of the 53584. The verification problem, 32821 people criticize education, disciplinary organizations dealing with 2474 people, 5786 people, 68 people transferred to the judiciary, given the other 3234 sanctions. With anti-corruption, anti four winds further promote the lazy politics political danger not as a problem in recent years, the masses salient issues. In the special treatment, the relevant departments of Hebei Province, clear the specific circumstances of more than ten kinds of lazy government ministers, some cities and counties have further detailed provisions. According to reports, as Hebei continued to maintain a high pressure situation, all localities and departments and improve the system of regulations more than 20 thousand, providing institutional guarantee for the end "is not an official" problem. (end)相关的主题文章: