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Home-Schooling How can you reduce your electricity bills? the first place you should look at is heating and cooling systems of your house. They eat up most of the energy you use in your house, and yet we all too often ignore it when all we need is to take a few simple steps to reduce the energy consumption by a third or even by half. First of all, make sure that your house is well insulated. Light a stick of incense and move it near all the windows and closed doors to find places where cold air gets in, then insulate them using weather strips to eliminate the drafts. Remember to visit your attic, too! The whole procedure takes only a few hours and can limit the energy losses even by 10-15%. Also, keep in mind to change your thermostat settings. If you set the temperature three or four degrees higher or lower, you won’t probably notice the difference – but it will reduce the costs noticeably. Keeping both heating and cooling system in a good shape is essential to minimizing your energy bills. Many furnaces have about 85% efficiency when they’re brand new, but it quickly goes down unless you maintain them regularly. The same goes for cooling systems – coolant leaks and clogged filters can make your bills skyrocket unless you spot them soon enough. If heating or cooling system is obsolete (15 years or more), it is usually a good idea to replace it with something new. The installation costs will be returned in the lower energy bills in two years maximum. Keep your thermostat in the area of your house which is far away from any really hot or cold places. Otherwise you risk your thermostat to excessively heat or cool your house basing on false readings. You may reduce the risk by installing a programmable Energy Star rater thermostat, but it is much better to get it installed in another place. There are also hundreds minor things you may want to do to reduce the energy consumption. Here are two examples. 1/Do not use a fireplace unless it is necessary. You may end up losing more energy through the chimney than a fireplace can give. Also, if you do not use a fireplace, keep the chimney close! 2/A heat pump is an excellent solution which makes your house feel .fortable during spring and autumn when heating and cooling systems aren’t cost-effective. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: