Harbin China entered the culinary world famous it competition gold-ssport

Harbin Famous World Series Chinese cooking pot package of meat added gold medal winning chef team only think, not impossible. Originated in the hundred years ago Road Station House official food "it" has a popular new climax in recent years, only recently in Holland at the eighth Rotterdam world Chinese cooking contest, "old kitchen" fourth generation chef Zheng Shuguo led group, made the city the local cuisine force Gold Award known to every family, really let the magic "meat" against Chinese big lakes. A Road station house into the dish hundred years passed the top level of the game should also care about the old kitchen chowhound took home exactly what skills to the gods: PK said there may be a lot of people did not dare to believe: two four sides: cool heat, two cold dishes as "meat and Larry" and "kylin Xian Rui". Four hot dishes as "it" and "immediately Fenghou", "crisp yellow vegetables", "Chinese burn lamb chops with fennel, coriander" two "Swan pastry crispy, fried". It is crisp, yellow vegetables, fried it? Yes, you’re not wrong! Is so down to earth! Don’t underestimate these warm dinner dishes, game performance is quite impressive! The old kitchen team within the specified time to complete the perfect food production, has been highly praised by the judges and the audience, with excellent performance won the gold group, the "hot pot package of meat, crisp yellow vegetables also won the" best taste award". Who would have thought that unknown impression to be put in good taste dishes in this contest and subvert all the cognitive, Bard profound diet culture stunning debut, the introduction of regret at. It B transformation events such as crisp blockbuster thriller still struck with fear review schedule, Zheng Shuguo still excited. Single entry said selected recipes, enough adventure, he will this crisp yellow vegetables such as 100, it is the old dishes dishes, really let people sweat. Insiders know that nowadays the cooking competition in innovative dishes, dishes, dishes for the main conception of fashion, and Zheng to reverse the tide, took out the Northeast stubborn and obstinate strength: do not blindly cater to the trend of international competition, the competition of the old hometown dishes known to every family! He always felt, Harbin local cuisine and compares favorably, often from the store a table will be on the menu, from 100 years old it forever in the stalls takeaway diners queuing face, he will have a full grasp and courage. He is convinced that the delicacy the meaning of it is to capture the hearts of the people, the public and the tip of the tongue taste buds. As the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, the ancestral craft can inherit so far, the accumulation of certain unique exquisite. Zheng Shuguo took part in a number of different levels and sizes of the game, this is one of his most valued game. And I did not expect, a small accident so that the life of the game hanging line. The race day at 9:30 in the morning, the old kitchen team was assigned to a restaurant in Wenzhou ready to do before, they should do a good job of hanging soup, cold dish cooked pastry, raw open crisp and filling system, hot dry up in advance of Hericium erinaceus. Particularly urgent time, barely 12:30 to do the work, then running the venue. 13:30.相关的主题文章: