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Hainan will actively promote the development of big data industry barriers to break the area department Liu Cigui chaired the provincial government executive meeting to study the deployment of promoting the construction of Hainan big data intelligence application system of Hainan daily Haikou November 11th news (reporter Luo Xia) this morning, governor Liu Cigui chaired a six session of the seventy-third executive meeting of the provincial government, approved by the Qionghai and other six cities and counties "overall through the study of" planning ", promote the development of big data in Hainan province implementation plan" and other important documents. The meeting examined and approved in principle Qionghai, Changjiang, Sanya, Ledong, Lingshui, Baoting and other six cities and counties in the "master plan" requirements, cities and counties in accordance with the "gauge" the overall layout, the content in the most stringent measures to implement the general plan, adhere to intensive land use, accelerate the improvement of comprehensive, solid key projects to promote the music city Boao International Medical Tourism pilot area construction. The meeting adopted the "Hainan province to promote the development of large data implementation plan". The "program" clear, to the province in 2020 to build a basic system of application of big data intelligence, big data formed the "chess", "one network" development pattern, big data has become an important support for the modernization of governance systems and governance capacity, establish a new mechanism of economic and social management according to the large number based on the the formation of equity and efficient public service system, the big data industry has become a new economic growth point. Meeting the requirements, should attach great importance to information intelligent island and wisdom of marine construction, earnestly 39 key tasks in 7 aspects, and actively promote the development of Hainan big data; to vigorously promote innovative big data applications, to public data integration and sharing for traction, to break the barriers of regions, departments and industry, to enhance the governance capacity, improve service residents and tourists, the level of enterprises, promote the integration of big data and twelve key industrial development; to strengthen the study and research, to play its own advantages, high starting point, high level of big data development road with Hainan characteristics. The meeting examined and adopted the "guidance" of Hainan Provincial People’s Government on deepening the reform of administrative law enforcement system of cities and counties to promote the comprehensive administrative law enforcement, the "gauge" reform, from the strengthening of key areas and key links of supervision practice, classification promote interdisciplinary comprehensive administrative law enforcement, administrative law enforcement in the field of marine integrated, comprehensive the administrative law enforcement, the establishment of comprehensive administrative law enforcement system of land and sea overall cohesion. Meeting the requirements to promote comprehensive administrative law enforcement, make tourism police enforcement and comprehensive law enforcement reform, do the work of reform and construction of fine, intensive and efficient, coordinated and standardized administrative law enforcement system orderly. In order to improve the village medical service level, the meeting examined and adopted the "Hainan province rural doctors support plan (2016-2020)", decided to further strengthen the building of rural doctors, improve the rural medical ethics level and service ability, the implementation of the first primary diagnosis, diagnosis and classification system, protect rural residents to enjoy basic medical services at a higher level. The meeting studied the Hainan Provincial People’s Government of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee on accelerating scientific and technological innovation of a number of opinions (Draft), decided to amend the sound after the Provincial Standing Committee to review; research.相关的主题文章: