Guotai Junan recommended holdings of Ningbo construction p8400

Guotai Junan: recommended holdings of Ningbo construction Holdings Ningbo construction company that the first three quarters of net revenues were 86 billion 130 million yuan, respectively, down 3% and 8.5%, slightly lower than expected. Taking into account the company 1-9 monthly orders 10 billion 800 million, an increase of up to and open up PPP business results, maintaining Forecast Ltd 17EPS of 2016 to $0.25. The company intends to acquire 78% stake in the cloud, big business transformation IDC, give the company a premium valuation, enhance the company’s target price to 8.6 yuan, corresponding to the 201617 year PE valuation of 4134 times, overweight. The proposed increase in the development of the company in 2016 1-9 Rong monthly revenue of 18 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 25.3%, net profit of $2 billion 200 million, an increase of 29.91%; EPS was $0.50. The company has adjusted period, 2016 performance is expected to increase by 30%~60%, combined with the recent increase in the layout of Beijing, Tianjin and second tier cities, performance is expected to continue rapid growth. The company is a benchmark for the Yesanpo real estate project, operating under the guidance of benchmarking projects, is expected to roll out in full swing, leading the trend of the real estate, creating a new profit model. Up to 201617 years of EPS forecast to (+30%), $0.97 (+23%), the target price is still 15 times corresponding to 2016 PE. We are optimistic about the future performance of the company continued to grow, optimistic about the development of the company’s business sector, the recent multi catalytic, with a strong upward momentum. Maintain overweight rating. Soochow securities company recommended holdings before 2016 3 quarter net profit of 33.28 base camp by 1 billion 250 million yuan, up -34.38% -42.78%; the third quarter net profit of 14.99 base camp by 636 million yuan, up +36.03% +78.65%, a +87.14% +133.82%. Benefit from the 3 quarter to improve self investment income, the company’s performance significantly improved QoQ, in line with expectations. With the market trading volume to pick up, the company’s performance is expected to continue to improve, maintaining 2016-18 EPS to 0.68 0.81 yuan, to maintain the target price of $17.78 shares, corresponding to 2016 2.6 times PB holdings. West China Holdings shares in the first three quarters of this year to achieve operating income of $1 billion 500 million, net profit of $480 million to the parent, which accounted for a single quarter of Q3 held in the East China Sea securities holdings, investment income increased significantly. The company has released three quarterly guidance, performance surge in line with expectations. The company raised 16-18 EPS 0.68 to 1.03 yuan, representing an increase of more than the previous 115% to 92%, of which the results in 2016 due to the disposal of the disposal of equity gains, 2017-2018 performance increase due to the subsequent follow-up of the equity income to honor the. Maintain target price of 19.74 yuan, to maintain the company overweight rating. The proposed increase in the first three quarters of the company’s revenue increased by 30%, net profit growth of 2.4%, net profit after deduction of non growth of 18.21%, in line with the previous market and.相关的主题文章: