Guangzhou customs intercepted poison tea khat 307 kg – Beijing kairui

Guangzhou customs intercepted poison "tea" khat 307 kg – Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, September 26, (Tang Guijiang Zhang Bei) Guangzhou customs in Guangzhou revealed that 26, Guangzhou customs officers at the post office recently in the mail channel continuously seized 2 drug khat smuggling into the case. Since this year, Guangzhou customs has seized 10 cases of khat cases in immigration, postal channels, a total of 307.5 kilograms seized khat. Khat is known as "East African poppy", also known as the "Arabia tea", "clever tea, fresh like amaranth, dried like tea, is extremely difficult to distinguish, produced in East Africa and the Arabia Peninsula, with the excitement of chemical substances cathinone, has a stimulating effect on the human central nervous system, long-term chewing will dye addiction addiction. Because the price is relatively cheap compared to traditional drugs, khat has become a favorite of many addicts". Guangzhou customs warns, because of its social nuisance, khat has been listed as a WHO II soft drugs. In 2014, khat has been included in the "list of psychotropic drugs (2013 Edition)", as with methamphetamine, ketamine and other psychotropic drugs into China’s combat range, where the cultivation, possession, trafficking, smuggling, taking khat are criminal acts. (end)相关的主题文章: