Grey goose pilot poster exposure unique perspective breaking the shackles of traditional (video) cosmax

"Grey goose" pilot poster exposure a unique perspective to break through the traditional shackles of "grey goose" exposure trailers Feng Yue incarnation (Feng Wei | blood agents more Daxun | Chen Weihan) Tencent entertainment large female inspirational Spy Drama "grey goose" produced by Zhang Jian, directed by Feng Yue, Wang Lixing, Wei Daxun, Zi Ming, Victor Huang, Morni Chang, Hector Zhang Rui, Zhao Yuanyuan, Li Zhuolin, Wu Chengxuan, Zhang Tianlin, starring Lu Peng, tells the story of the occupied area of the young women Lin Qiuyan (Feng Yueshi) for the destruction of the Japanese army in an attempt to disrupt the financial market of our country to join the Communist Party by conspiracy "counterfeit" mentality, grew into a proletarian revolutionary soldier. The play by the Xi’an dream boat television culture communication limited liability company produced, following the "Snow Leopard", "Fox" after another great masterwork, and formally exposure group two pilot posters today. Frosted poster characters clothing fashion, with polished grain texture "s taste", "contrast handsome" highlight the high-end atmosphere; ink version is a strong contrast, several people dressed in black leather, glamorous show Mad pull cool cool ". Upgrade version of the production of the poster looks like this exposure level of production can be described as amazing, in conjunction with the sense of the times, but also the secret of the mysterious clever show. The picture is Feng dagger in his right hand, look solemn; Ming he left his gun, was dedicated in life and death is like a couple of comrades, and like a perfect complement to CP. In addition to the sword sheath domineering, a large fan of great momentum is gushing out, bring a strong visual impact. Poster is the tip of the iceberg, "grey goose" is in the whole manufacture is a comprehensive upgrade version of the "Fox" producer Zhang Jian, who directed "Snow Leopard", "Fox" high reputation "," the blockbuster version "wolf" director Wang Lixing blood join, to enhance the "grey goose" the essence of team’s strength, shooting, a road from Baohang clothing tract to produce high level. The play is not only in accordance with the standard film production, but also strive for perfection was to restore the fashion capital of the world customs of Shanghai, let the audience into them, personally on the scene. The play, Qiu Yan to a hundred enemy, the lone hero gunfight, small melee and so extremely test production team skill scene play, and meet the eye everywhere, chase scenes such as blasting. In addition, the play is also very hard in the actor’s choice, "old play bone" is a little meat, boldly 90 actor. Gray goose with a full range of dead without a high level of production, the industry and the audience gain high expectations. From the perspective of female spy to break through the traditional "grey goose" display the full range of new height, making new breakthrough Zhang Jian hero works. Different from his previous works in the "Snow Leopard" war hero theme, "Fox" Anti Japanese male spy theme, "grey goose" focuses on a female agent Lin Qiuyan, with her big picture perspective, breaking the traditional concept of spy drama is "male dominated". The heavy rain to the Japanese, in order to revenge, Lin Qiuyan endured the instructor roar again from the mud up training, women are strong and persistent exposed. In addition, the play on the basis of ensuring high-quality bold breakthrough in general Spy Drama repertoire, strong plot, strong suspense, strong inversion to the u.s.. Lin Qiuyan met unexpectedly in the execution of the plan.相关的主题文章: