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Safety glass curtain wall, how disappear (Sankei class) – Finance – August 26th, a Ji’nan hotel glass curtain wall suddenly fell down, splashing the glass fragments caused by pedestrians were injured in the accident; in August 29th, Xining Huade building dropped a piece of glass on the sidewalk…… Glass curtain wall event occurred around the country, so that some people worry a little bit. How to solve the problems of the existing glass curtain wall, and how to avoid such problems in the future? Recently, the reporter consulted the director of aluminum door and window curtain wall construction Metal Structure Association Committee China Huang qi. Huang Qi said, all over the country in recent years the glass curtain wall fall event, there are quality problems because of structural plastic, metal parts and the collapse of off, also during the construction of unauthorized use of ordinary glass glue to replace the silicone sealant caused, but the main reason is that the glass blew, accounting for up to 95%. According to the 2003 National Development and Reform Commission and other four ministries issued the "construction safety glass management regulations", the glass curtain wall must use tempered glass. In general, the impact strength of toughened glass is 10 times of the ordinary glass 5, even if broken, small debris will be scattered into non acute angle, can greatly reduce the harm to the human body. However, toughened glass is not no danger of anything going wrong also has 2%, 3 per thousand of the explosive rate. According to Huang Qi introduced earlier this year, the domestic glass curtain wall are mostly imported raw materials, the product is well controlled and rare explosive phenomenon. However, in recent years the rapid development of China’s construction industry, many projects of tight and heavy task, coupled with the industry is very competitive, some enterprises normal glass production process has been artificially reduced, resulting in some quality problems. In this regard, Huang Qi suggested that high-rise building is best to use higher levels of the original glass super white glass, "like Guangzhou, West Tower Shanghai Center Tower tall glass curtain wall, glass explode rate is very low, this kind of glass is used." At present, China has narrowed the scope of the use of glass curtain wall. In 2015, the Ministry of housing, the State Administration of work safety issued a document request, new residential and government office buildings, hospital outpatient emergency room floor, buildings and schools, nurseries, kindergartens, old buildings, not in the two layer and above the glass curtain wall. Glass curtain wall security risks worthy of attention. Huang Qi, on the one hand, glass production enterprises, construction units and owners of units and supervision departments to jointly control the quality, not blindly follow the schedule, cost pressure; on the other hand, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of curtain wall engineering. Detection is not a small project, to obtain the consent of the other party. Some high-rise building owners worry about the impact of business and daily life, often refused to detect. Therefore it is necessary to improve the technical level of detection of curtain wall to reduce the impact on the scene, the owners of daily work, but also to strengthen the whole society attention on curtain wall security, improve safety awareness of owners, tenants, so that it can actively cooperate with the inspection work. "People’s Daily" (October 10, 2016 19 Edition) (commissioning editor: Cui Dong)相关的主题文章: