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GeekCar Daily: unmanned taxi to begin operations – Sohu automobile original link: WeChat public number: GeekCar driverless taxi nuTonomy began operations in foreign media reports, the world’s first unmanned taxi project nuTonomy in Singapore today officially began operating passenger. At present, a total of 6 nuTonomy vehicles into operation, the driving range is limited to the commercial housing area of 2.5 square miles, passengers also need to be carried out in a specific area. Passengers must review the invitation, and then be able to use the phone App to complete the reservation. NuTonomy plans to increase the number of vehicles by the end of the year to 12, and in 2018 formed an entire unmanned taxi fleet. In addition, in order to fight against Uber, they also plan to open this service in Pittsburgh. Listen to the taxi master bragging, should not used to the lake to release a car electric car to the equation of the team in London released the 201617 season (FE electric FIA Formula One World Championship) of the new car. The new car with a new design, including power systems, energy recovery and adjustment technology has been upgraded. In the painting, the body will keep the Lailan and grey, mirror and shark fin at the air inlet by color coating. The new season, the car drivers still by Piquet and Oliver · two play, first race will be held in Hongkong in October 9th China. Faraday’s future dragon team, is still preparing for a new car conference? Uber provide retirement planning service according to foreign media reports for the driver, Uber days ago announced a partnership and online Asset Management Co Betterment, asset management consulting service and retirement plans for Boston, Chicago, New Jersey and Seattle Uber driver assistance service. Retired Uber driver can be transferred to the IRA or Roth IRA free of charge (Uber) through the application of the individual, and the first year of the account is completely free. The use of retirement accounts helps retirees better manage their assets. The curious thing is, how much money does it take to open a Uber account for retirement? Chester Bus Station Pavilion recently launched a smart, intelligent man Chester bus station test in the distance near the train station Piccardi Lee, passengers can enjoy free wireless network and wireless charging service. Once the test is successful, the project will be extended to the greater Chester area. The intelligent bus station kiosks modular design, can be installed in other parts of Chester and Manchester need the service place. Chester traffic Manchester (TfGM) chairman Andrew Fender said, this project is mainly to improve the public transport network, to encourage more people to choose sustainable and environmentally friendly way to travel. With free R相关的主题文章: