From the view of the sea mode into Anti typhoon Meranti mid autumn mode or seriously affect Beijing tonya mitchell

From the view of the sea mode into Anti typhoon "Meranti" mid autumn mode or seriously affect Beijing Fujian – from the "sea" mode into effect of "anti typhoon" Meranti "Mid Autumn Festival" mode or serious news agency in Fujian in September 12 Fuzhou Xinhua (Yan Xu) by the upper trough and low-level vorticity effects, on the evening of 11, Fujian Fuzhou encountered strong thunderstorm weather, the hours of rain brought serious waterlogging in the city and the traffic congestion in Fuzhou City, Fuzhou city night opened the "sea" mode. According to the Fujian Provincial Meteorological Station forecast, the fourteenth typhoon this year moranti "is Chinese coastal approaching, is expected to 15 during the day in the southern Guangdong Province coastal areas, may seriously affect Fujian. 12 days 12 when, Fujian lifted a major meteorological disasters (storm) emergency response grade, launched a major meteorological disasters (typhoons) emergency response grade, to deal with the 14 typhoon "meranti". According to meteorological monitoring data of Fujian Province, 11, 8 to 12, 8, 24 hours of rainfall in Fujian province a total of 39 counties (districts) 255 towns more than 50 mm, of which 16 counties (districts) 54 towns more than 100 mm, Cangshan district to build a new town 181.8 mm maximum. 12 days of rain in Fujian province decreased, rainstorm is coming to an end. 12 morning, the reporter again went to Fuzhou Street waterlogging field saw the interview, the majority of water has receded, the traffic section has been restored, but some sections are still in the disposal. Reporters walking in the vicinity of Fuzhou Vanke Plaza on the road, the road is still close to the knee water, roadside shops, residential housing bubble in water. Fuzhou City Traffic Road Primary School in the orchid near the road, on the road from time to time parents to send children to school, wearing slippers or boots to carry the child hard across the water. Orchid Road, a grocery store owner Chi Jianguang told Xinhua News Agency reporters last night, water diffuse into the room, up to more than and 20 cm, worried that the water rose higher, the family spent a night in the van. The bed was flooded, no place to sleep, coupled with the fear that the old house will collapse, one night did not dare to sleep." Chi Jianguang said. Fuzhou water pipe network of more than a dozen staff, is on the road with five or six sets of equipment drainage water. A staff member told reporters that due to the low profile of the orchid Road, drainage is poor, often heavy rain days of water, rain yesterday, long time, rainfall, at least until the evening to drain water clean. Cangshan district to build a new middle of the road is also a serious water in the storm. Reporters saw, with the rain stopped, the water has slowly receded. Only a few low-lying areas are soaked in water, the municipal department dispatched a "water dragon" drainage vehicle rescue operation, residents travel difficult holding trousers. And the construction of the new road on both sides, from time to time can be seen after soaking water anchored in the roadside vehicle. Many 4S shop staff told reporters, because the vehicle broke down too much, so the transportation trailer will take some time. According to the Fujian provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters informed that the day of Fuzhou orchid road and the construction of the new road, the king is still in the disposal of three, the other sections have returned to normal. No major disaster reports. At the same time, this相关的主题文章: