Friendly recommendation Italian home court for Germany – Sohu escapement yo te amo

Friendly recommendation: Italy home court for the German Sohu escapement SMG football match in Italy on Tuesday 015 Guoyou VS Germany game time: 2016-11-16 03:45 asian handicap: 1.01 tied 0.89 average day: 2.78 3 2.30 of the field is one of the focus of the war game tonight. The Italy battle in the European zone qualifying visit to 4 to 0 victory over Liechtenstein, before the 4 round group match 3 wins 1 flat unbeaten record, the team played very stable; while visiting Germany also is by the European qualifiers away to 8 to 0 victory over San Marino, before the 4 round group match unbeaten. This battle a record, but there will be nyuya,??, and you can not travel with the team main Oswald, has a great impact on the overall combat capability of Germany, and nearly two times at the face of Italy can not win on the race track in the same wind. The game "Asian common open deuce high water dish in Germany, in the recent 4 game winning streak in the background, deuce disc can not reflect its advantages, coupled with the market outlook stage the water level to low water, go to the company by signs of spinach is very obvious. In Europe, the 2.65 Jin Baobo win by chupan 2.47 has been upgraded to by injection, Europe refers to for the guest – hit also doesn’t support, combined with a complete team situation of the two teams, so the game Italy can sit and hope to win in the home court. SMG Shengping Fu recommended: 3 cz100 recommended: Italy (a)

友谊赛推荐:意大利主场出战擒德国-搜狐  竞彩足球周二015 国友赛 意大利 VS 德国   比赛时间: 2016-11-16 03:45   亚洲盘口:1.01 平手 0.89   平均欧赔:2.78 3.00 2.30   本场是属于今晚友谊赛焦点战之一。主队意大利在上仗欧洲区外围赛作客以4比0大胜列支敦士登,前4轮分组赛取得3胜1平不败的战绩,球队的发挥十分稳定;而客队德国同样是上仗欧洲区外围赛客场以8比0大胜圣马力诺,前4轮分组赛保持全胜的战绩,但是今仗作客将会有纽亚,??斯和奥斯尔等主力未能够随队出征,对于德国的整体作战能力有很大的影响,并且近两次作客面对意大利都未能够取胜,对赛往绩同样处于下风。   本场比赛亚洲初盘普遍开出平手盘主队中高水,在德国近期4连胜的背景下,初盘平手盘并未能够体现出其优势所在,加上到了后市阶段客队水位降至低水,菠菜公司诱去客队的迹象十分明显。而在欧赔方面,金宝博的客胜由初盘的2.47已经提升至受注后的2.65,欧指对于客胜打出同样不太支持,再结合两队的阵容完整情况,因此本场比赛看好意大利在主场能够坐和望赢。   竞彩胜平负推荐:3   cz100推荐:意大利(平手)相关的主题文章: