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Forty years of supply and marketing, 3000 English Johnson – Gansu Channel – October 8 Lanzhou Xinhua (Du Yuxin Liu Haitian) Gansu County of Longxi Province, is the world’s location of the land, known as "the hometown of lee". From Lao Li Er to Tang Taizong, general Li Guang, and then to the other side of the order of the order of the order of the past, and then to the order of the general, to the…… History as a surname, Li talent, glorious history. Compared with these celebrities, Li Yuhong is not famous. But compared with ordinary people, she has a very admirable life. Alone in the education of children, she can be regarded as a legend: three daughters were admitted to the top three universities, and all graduate. If you do a program of education as the theme, you should be able to dig out a lot of valuable things from Li Yuhong. Whether from a mother or a teacher, she is very competent. However, the education of children is not the main cause of Li Yuhong. Li Yuhong’s social identity, is the chairman of the board, is the county women’s Federation President, is an old worker of supply and marketing system. From the young to participate in the work, Li Yuhong has been working in the full vigour of life career, in Gansu Province Supply and marketing system for nearly forty years. In the past forty years, she has experienced the whole process of supply and marketing system from prosperity to decline and then to rise again. The vicissitudes of life in my heart, unforgettable memory, and forty years, Li Yuhong devoted the most beautiful moments in life to the supply and marketing business, also forged a life of love and infatuation. Nantang Li Yu said his life was "forty years", 3000 rivers ", Li Yuhong’s life is called" forty years of supply and marketing, 3000 English johnson". From the southeast to the northwest, more than 3 thousand miles of land of Gansu, leaving the numerous figures and achievements of bravado beauties. Longxi is known as the "Chinese medicine", Gansu is an important area of Chinese herbal medicines. Gansu Longyuan nine biological technology group, is based upon the medical treasure. As chairman of the group company, James Li Yuhong and partners in the supply and marketing system, all, the enterprise to achieve today’s scale. Now, the nine Party group’s main business covers the field of health food production and processing of Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, agricultural and sideline products trade, many areas of real estate development, the registered capital of more than one hundred million yuan, the total assets reached 260 million yuan. The nine Party’s predecessor, is Longxi county supply and marketing cooperatives. 2002, the supply and marketing cooperatives to carry out corporate restructuring, Li Yuhong and the difficulties. Faced with the burden of heavy, difficult plight, she led a group of colleagues in the supply and marketing system, a historic step. They supply and marketing to the expansion of the market as a starting point, has raised 11 million 800 thousand yuan for expansion, so that the mall business area expanded from the original 1600 square meters to 10800 square meters. The new shopping mall environment is superior, the supporting functions of the new wave, a wide range of goods, excellent quality of service, has won the favor and trust of a large number of consumers, Longxi and the surrounding areas to become the largest shopping center. A good overall living high, therefore, Longxi supply and marketing cooperative enterprises reborn through reform, go on the road of revitalization. More than 400 laid-off workers have been re employed here, greatly stabilizing and promoting the society. Ben)相关的主题文章: