Foreign media said China’s civil war in Burma to encourage profits of Chinese experts too underestim

Foreign media said Chinese encouraged Burma’s civil war Chinese profit expert: underestimate our original title: foreign media said Chinese encouraged Burma’s civil war expert: profit I underestimate us [Global Times reported] "only when our country to achieve peace, can we be equal with the local area and other countries in the world stand together" in August 31st, Aung San Suu Kyi in the Burma peace conference in twenty-first Century, the federal Panglong conference issued a fervent appeal for peace. On the relationship between China and the peace process in Burma, but also the western media do not want to miss the topic. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation said in August 31st, not long ago, Burma senior minister Aung San Suu Kyi’s visit to China, that her greatest ambition to China: among different ethnic groups in Burma peace and unity. This is the biggest challenge for Aung San Suu Kyi and his team. However, the peace conference has been supported by the international community. The most obvious support from Chinese, this is because the neighbor of Burma is its biggest trading partner, but also because many local armed forces in Burma near the border with burma. Australia Broadcasting Corporation said Chinese is believed to have been close to the border to encourage armed groups involved in the talks, especially the most powerful military in the wa. Singapore’s Straits Times, said, 31, held by the general assembly in the United States and the dragon game environment. In fact, Thein Sein, the United States, the European Union, Japan, China and other active participation in the peace process in Burma, which shows that the conflict in Burma has exceeded the scope of internal affairs." Su Hao told the global times that we respect the integrity of sovereignty and national unity in Burma, hoping that it will achieve national reconciliation. Some ethnic minorities with China maintained close contact of a psychological, folk, for us is a lot of cross-border ethnic groups, such as their Kachin is our courageous clan is our Jingpo nationality, Han nationality, China can play active role, to support the peace talks between the two sides. China plays a constructive role in the peace process in Burma." Academy of Social Sciences researcher Xu Liping Institute of Asia Pacific and global strategy of "Global Times" reporter said, for Burma’s ethnic problems, we have been promoting and facilitating talks. "Some western media have said that we encourage civil war to gain benefits, which is too much for us. Only when Burma is peaceful and stable can we ensure the stability of our border." Global Times in Burma, Singapore special correspondent Li Sikun Global Times reporter Su Jing, Lin Pengfei,相关的主题文章: