For such a literary fan children after 90, really point praise! Sohu Culture

For such a literary fan children after 90, really point praise! Sohu Culture Channel [event] 4 90 young people’s rap band MV Chinese creation, aroused strong repercussions in the country, recently attracted international media attention [] view their literary, rational and confident stunning you read on the Internet a song called This is China MV. In June 28th this year, the MV released in the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the public, WeChat made headlines in micro-blog, the same day on-line widespread forwarding, broadcast only two days in each big website video broadcast platform will exceed more than 900 times. Now, after a lapse of two months, it is still alive, even with the international influence. This is not MV, the creative "Tianfu incident" — 4 in Chengdu after 90 young people’s rap band — some time ago by the United States "Time", British BBC, the British "Guardian" and many other well-known international media focus. Just a few days ago, there are other countries, media reporters to Chengdu to interview them. This is China with rap form on the hearts of the creator Chinese is what they want to "put aside their prejudices of the past, reshaping the world impression of China, reduction of those who have long been false reports compiled by foreign media…… So that you can better understand the original fact, know how Chinese is an objective evaluation of their own countries, to understand how much we don’t want to go and argue". Compared with the vast majority of Internet hits the audio and video works in the forefront, this MV is not about the anecdote nor wonders, edge vulgar interest, why such a fire, and his team of intentions and efforts inseparable. "Believe me, this video is 5 seconds ahead of you!" Is an online recommendation for this MV. "Stunning" the word, both the affirmation of the work, but also to the creators of the works – a few 90 after the children of literature and art praised the big boy. On them, there are at least three amazing points. First of all, it is amazing that these 90 literary fan. Vibrant face, Sichuan Opera, rap, and panda China elements interspersed among them, let This is China gives the most intuitive impression is good, good, the full range of children. Several young creative staff now many young people do not understand Chinese western and Western based on a lot of young people don’t know China reality, "clicked" creation of such a work. In order to "want to give foreigners to see", they use the form of rap, because the form of rap works can accommodate more text, carrying more content, so they use English to create. In the end, they created their own talent can be called a phenomenon of the work, the success of the audience, won the attention, and not just domestic concern. Second, it is amazing that these 90 rational thinking. "Tianfu incident" in the This is China Chinese does not evade the current environmental pollution, food and drug safety and the problem of corruption, but they also know that the rapid economic growth is always accompanied by.相关的主题文章: