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Food and Drug Administration: online shopping food unqualified high rate of increase in sampling frequency the original title: Food and Drug Administration: online shopping food failure rate high this year to increase the sampling frequency of the Beijing News News (reporter Li Dandan) informed the State Food and Drug Administration on 2015 food sampling situation display, online shopping, grocery store, small snack and so on some places the high rate of unqualified food. State Food and drug administration deputy director Teng said that this year, the food and Drug Administration will increase the frequency of online food sampling. On the morning of February 2nd, the State Food and Drug Administration held a press conference to notify the food sampling situation in 2015. In 2015, the food and Drug Administration organized a nationwide sampling of 172310 batches of food samples, of which the sample qualified rate was 96.8%, 2.1% higher than in 2014. The national food safety supervision and inspection, and the overall situation of food safety stability in 2015. The main problems found for supervision and inspection, pesticide and veterinary drug residues do not conform to the standard, unqualified samples accounted for 3.8%; the detection of non edible substances, unqualified samples accounted for 1.2%; microbial contamination, unqualified samples accounted for 27.9%; super range, ultra limited use of food additives, unqualified samples accounted for 24.8%; heavy metal pollution accounted for. 8.5% unqualified samples; quality standard, unqualified samples accounted for 26%; other indicators unqualified, unqualified samples accounted for 7.8%. The sampling found that some varieties, places and units is a prominent problem, mainly for aquatic products and beverage failure rate high beverage Pseudomonas aeruginosa high failure rate of infant formula goat milk; high failure rate; online shopping, grocery store, small snack and so on some places the unqualified rate is high; very few enterprises sampling multiple times qualified. Teng Teng, deputy director of the State Food and drug administration, said that the main reasons for the above problems were the environmental pollution of the agricultural products, the weak food industry, the lack of awareness and ability of the enterprise self-discipline, the regulation standards and regulatory system from the farm to the dining table were not perfect. Tengjia material said that this year the State Food and Drug Administration will increase the sampling frequency on the food network. In addition, in view of the discovery of substandard food and its production and operation units, the General Administration has taken timely measures to deal with, the first time announced to the community sampling information. Editor: Chen AI Zheng editor: Su bud SN226

食药监总局:网购食品不合格率高 加大抽检频次   原标题:食药监总局:网购食品不合格率偏高 今年加大抽检频次   新京报快讯(记者李丹丹)国家食品药品监督管理总局对2015年食品抽检情况的通报显示,网购、小杂食店、小吃店等部分场所的食品不合格率偏高。国家食药监总局副局长滕佳材表示,今年食药监总局将加大对网络食品的抽检频次。   2月2日上午,国家食品药品监督管理总局召开新闻发布会通报2015年食品抽检情况。   2015年,食药监总局在全国范围内组织抽检了172310批次食品样品,其中样品合格率为96.8%,比2014年升高2.1%。国家食品安全监督抽检显示,2015年食品安全整体形势稳中趋好。   监督抽检发现的主要问题为,农兽药残留不符合标准,占不合格样品的3.8%;检出非食用物质,占不合格样品的1.2%;微生物污染,占不合格样品的27.9%;超范围、超限量使用食品添加剂,占不合格样品的24.8%;重金属污染,占不合格样品的8.5%;品质指标不达标,占不合格样品的26.0%;其他指标不合格的,占不合格样品的7.8%。   抽检发现一些品种、场所和单位问题较突出,主要为水产品和饮料不合格率偏高,饮料铜绿假单胞菌不合格率较高;婴幼儿配方羊奶粉不合格率较高;网购、小杂食店、小吃店等部分场所不合格率偏高;极少数企业抽检多次不合格。   国家食药监总局副局长滕佳材表示,导致上述问题主要原因是农产品环境污染、食品产业薄弱、企业自律的意识和能力不高、从农田到餐桌的法规标准和监管体系还不健全等。   滕佳材表示,今年国家食药监总局将加大对网络食品的抽检频次。   此外,针对发现不合格食品及其生产经营单位,总局已及时采取措施予以处置,第一时间对社会公布抽检信息。   编辑:陈思 艾峥 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: