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Five year old couple in the vegetable greenhouse poppy: buy when thought is a new network seed – five year old Jia’s husband and wife home from the northeast to Beijing to see his grandson, son to help my parents doing something, deliberately let the parents of vegetable greenhouse management company. From February to June 1st this year, Beijing less than half the time, the couple was found in the vegetable greenhouse poppy 540. Yesterday afternoon, due to illegal cultivation of narcotic plants involved in the crime suspect, the couple in Haidian court trial generations. Accused of 55 kinds of poppy seeds in the vegetable greenhouse yesterday, at about 14 am, this year, and the age of 54 year old Ryu has been brought into court. Although the court blustery, but the court in temperature is relatively high, Jiamou upper body only with a black short sleeved. Two per capita for Liaoning Gaizhou City Jia Tuan Dian Zhen Tun Cun people. Jia is a junior high school culture, Liu is the primary school culture, Beijing two per capita in the home farm. On suspicion of illegal cultivation of the original plant crime, two per capita in June 1st this year by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Haidian branch of criminal detention. In July 5th this year, Jiamou was arrested on the same day, Liu was released on bail. Haidian procuratorate alleged in court, since February this year, Jia and Liu two people in Haidian, Zhen Nan Yu He Cun east of the vegetable greenhouse cultivation of poppy planting and management. Reported by the masses, in June 1st, the public security organs in the management of two vegetable greenhouse planting green plants seized in 540 strains. After identification, the green plants were detected in morphine, codeine, papaverine, noscapine and Tibane. Two people were subsequently arrested. According to the test, Jia Rongbao urine positive. Prosecutors believe that the illicit cultivation of opium poppy Jiamou couple, should be the crime of illicit cultivation of Narcotic Plants held criminally responsible, two truthfully confessed his crime, be given a lighter punishment. The trial of her husband said his wife did not know the crime of trial yesterday, Jia commissioned a lawyer to appear in court, Liu Yanzhen did not entrust a lawyer. In the face of the charges, the couple had no objection to the charges and facts. In answer the questions about "where" from the poppy seeds, Jiamou says he is from a market in Beijing to buy, "I bought, then that is the seed, seedling after it was caught later, just know is poppy." Jiamou later said he knew the poppy is illegal, "we call it the" Opium "." He said. "This is my kind of, she is not clear the specific source," the court, once again stressed the cultivation of the poppy plant is to buy their own seeds, planting and management, the wife did not know anything. As for why urine test positive, Jia said he did not take drugs, do not know why they were detected positive. The lawyer argued that it might be the reason for the spread of drugs. It is understood that the vegetable greenhouse belongs to Beijing North Green Agriculture Co. ltd.. The person in charge of the company Mr. Zhai card said, Jia Rongbao is the son of the company’s employees, January 30th provides a residential greenhouse to their home. To provide a couple to live in greenhouses, when there is a greenhouse items and planting a list of transfer, I do not know the greenhouse poppy species, nor Ling相关的主题文章: