First tier cities continue to enter the new channel talent war continued to upgrade (video)

First-tier cities newly established channel talent war continued to upgrade Beijing integral settled how difficult at present, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have implemented the system integrator settled, Shanghai is still the "take Ju transfer" system. However, the four cities for innovation and entrepreneurial talent, students and other groups, have set up a green channel can be directly settled. What is the most expensive in twenty-first Century? Talented person! First tier cities understand this truth. Although the implementation of strict population control in the background, first-tier cities obtain residence difficulty is not low, but in the current economic development and city industrial transformation and upgrading, the talented person is the "city for these necessities". In this case, involving housing, education, health care, household registration system, the city is one of the important means to attract talent. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter combing found that, at present, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have implemented integration settled system, Shanghai is still to take home turn system. However, the four cities for innovation and entrepreneurial talent, students and other groups, have set up a green channel can be directly settled. Analysts pointed out that the talent needs to meet the city development orientation, in the talent competition of each city is still facing competition, it requires a comparison of economic development, employment opportunities, the city’s comprehensive strength, public service facilities, life and other factors. Lack of innovation and entrepreneurial talent on the distance of a talent policy for only one year, in September 25th of this year, Shanghai has launched a new talent 30, to further improve the institutional mechanisms. Zhou Haiwang, deputy director of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Institute of urban and population, it seems that Shanghai compared to Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities in terms of talent in the weakened, one of the reasons is the difficulty of settling too large. In the 30, Shanghai proposed to give full play to the household registration policy in the domestic talent gathering in the introduction of incentives and guidance". For example, talent and entrepreneurial talent team and core team, a certain scale of risk investment in innovation and entrepreneurship in Shanghai City, the management and operation of the venture capital has reached a certain scale and venture capital management talent and its core team, the market value of the market after a significant performance test to achieve a certain level of enterprise technology and skilled personnel etc. meet the conditions, can be directly settled in Shanghai. And meet certain conditions of entrepreneurial talent and the core team, home to the maximum number of years can be shortened to two years. If you do not meet the above conditions, through the "population transfer" policy in Shanghai, a mandatory requirement is the need for seven years, after a period of seven years is taken in waiting way. Shanghai hope is to focus on the introduction of the "four centers" and the socialist modern international metropolis and innovation center construction of scarce talent. Data show that as of the end of August, Shanghai branch through domestic talents of the new deal introduced talent has reached 4638 people, but the top talent shortage, lack of real international masters and high-level innovation team. The most difficult to settle in Beijing is also recognized as qualified personnel to provide a green channel. Beijing every year to carry out the work of the introduction of high-level overseas talents. Beijing in 2013 announced the introduction of Beijing talent recruitment management approach, focusing on.相关的主题文章: