First lady Obama personally taught the president had the unhappy curry spray-kasey chase

The first lady President Obama has personally taught curry spray unhappy this? Obama curry sina sports news Beijing time on September 14th, according to NBC sports news, Jinzhou warriors star Stephen – Curitiba and U.S. first lady Michel Obama attended the famous TV show "the Alan show". Interestingly, Michel taught Obama to curry spray garbage in the program. The past two summers, Stephen curry are invited to play golf together with us president Obama. The two time, Curitiba had lost to Obama. In the program, said Obama love curry spray some trash talk when playing golf. "Of course he would." Curry said, "in his speech, he would deliberately slow down and catch your eyes. He would do the same when he was talking trash. So if I don’t play well when I play golf, he will say to me, ‘well, that’s not a good shot and I need you to play better So it will affect you, because I know I can’t play well." Hear here, Michel – Obama told curry: "you should respond to him with trash, Stephen (Obama)." At the same time, the first lady of the United States to support a move: "curry said his ears. You can say to him, ‘the shadow of your ear really affects my putter.’" (Rosen) statement: Sina exclusive articles, reproduced please indicate the source.相关的主题文章: