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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Thinking back on my travels I can happily remember some great occasions where the wine just made the moment. There are a few wines that simply bring certain times right back to you.I’d love to recount a few great experiences for you that for me support the theory that the wines you associate with happy times can bring occasions right back to you. Its simple now to buy wine online that you can trace those wines and order them up online to refresh some terrific memories anytime, any place. A year ago my band Cactus Rose were sufficiently fortunate to get to perform a short series of shows in Italy and many of the moments like I’ve described above happened when we were there. Playing within the Parma area we had some days off in between playing dates and were invited along to a traditional pasta festival on one of those days. The event occurred inside the playing fields of a rural village which had been reconstructed as a tented village where hundreds gathered to enjoy food and wine alfresco.The meal on offer was one kind of ravioli stuffed with cheese and spinach and plenty of the famous parma ham dusted with plenty of the parmesan cheese the area is acknowledged for. As is the clear way of things in Italy the wines were largely locally produced so possibly not commercially accessible. The favoured tipple here is red or white frizante or prosecco that you think a little strange but in this setting on a warm Italian summer night they were spot on. On another night we drove high into the hills above Parma to play at a cantina in basically the center of nowhere. The amazing proprietor Alberto and his wife fed us superbly at the outdoor tables where we enjoyed aged hams and serious cheeses as the fireflies danced around the in the woods behind us. The wine this time around was Lambrusco – regarded widely elsewhere as a very outdated and not very serious wine. Again in this setting with great grub and company – the "Italian Coca Cola" drunk from painted clay cups was absolutely ideal and I have since found some online to savor come early july.Still on the same trip and on an evening off there we were in the centre of bustling Parma on white night – Wednesday nights get this name and the stores and bars stay open all night. The streets are packed with artists, bands and dancing additionally, the bars present a cost-free buffet to anyone that buys a beer. We found an awesome wine bar and sampled several wines while there. The best had been a Cotes Du Rhone and again whenever I try that style it reminds me of that particular great night. As I write this I’m remembering many more happy times but I’ll end with a rosy memory from the south of France. My partner and I were residing at a converted monastery in Provence that’s near a sports complex. The bar restaurant here was recommended to us and turned out to be as promised. We had noticed the locals ordering a lot of Rose D’anjou so despite not being big rose fans – ordered a bottle. As with Italy it simply fitted so well. Al fresco again with French families having a happy meal all around us, the hot and mellow meditereanean light and the sun beginning to set on the distant mont blanc – heaven. I do sometimes buy rose wine online now to get that feel.If you wish to relive some happy memories with wine – even when the setting isn’t the same (get the scrapbook out) make sure you browse online , read the descriptions provided until you find something close. One wonderful site for this is where one can choose wines .ing from a selection of sellers and have a good .parison. Happy memories. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: