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Writing-and-Speaking The site begins by explaining what it means to astral project and to find yourself ‘out of body’. It explains that the feeling is amazing and gives you a sense of freedom that you would not have experienced before. This brand-new internet site assists anyone to astral project and offers some fantastic resources, (most of them .plimentary!) in the form of downloads, eBooks, audio and videos and DVD’s. The Website Astralprojectiontravel.. offers all the info required for anybody to experience astral projecting. It additionally describes just how safe it is and clarifies that at all times during the astral projection procedure we continue to be in control and can go back to our body whenever we prefer. According to the website astral projection is an amazing phenomenon where we get separated from the body and our inner astral self or soul can easily travel fantastic distances and enter alternative dimensions and even time travel! The experience can truly resemble one belonging to science fiction films. Nonetheless all of the time when you are separated, the sensation itself is genuine and you perceive things even clearer than usual since all your senses are heightened. The site states that there are certain times when physical laws do not exist and similarly in the process of astral projection we can walk through walls and even visualize our future or past as soon as we be.e separated from the physical body. According to the internet site during astral projection we may find ourselves connected to our physical form via an energy cord and this is the explanation why we remain in full control all the time after being projected. The website offers a kit with twenty nine astral projection products which are mostly free. These are special in the sense that all the products in this package have been created with the support of new age recently developed technology that is very effective in bringing about the phenomenon of astral projection. The kit supplied by the website consists firstly, with a set of mp3 audios that prepares our body to be totally calm, .posed and relaxed, as this is truly important to reaching the ultimate goal. Furthermore, there are a set of audios that consists of binaural beats. These assist in altering the frequency of our brainwaves. The inter. site even supplies mp3 audios having subliminal messages and these result in creating a link with the subconscious which is the only thing that can prevent this process from taking place. You will also find free EBooks which will ultimately explain the process further. There are additionally 3 unique Guided hypnosis sessions which takes you through an astral projection experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: