Fed Beige Book mild economic growth, a slight rise in inflation cibi

The Fed’s Beige Book: moderate economic growth inflation a mild rise in U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants Wall Street informative news September 8th – the Fed’s Beige Book released Wednesday said that in August the domestic economic growth at a moderate speed until the end of July, due to the strong labor force the market is not on wages and prices too much upward pressure. Beige book, said: "the labor market situation in most areas continued to tighten, while the overall employment showed modest growth. Upward pressure on wages to increase further, generally moderate performance, the overall price to maintain a slight rise. The report covers the time from the end of July to August 7th, during this period, most of the area known overall growth showed "moderate or mild" rate, but economic activity in Kansas City and New York area did not change, economic activity in areas of Philadelphia and Richmond is still in the expansion, but the speed is slowed down during the last survey. In July, the beige book said there were 11 Local Federal Reserve reports that the economy showed moderate to moderate expansion. Boston, Chicago, New York, Saint Louis, Minneapolis and San Francisco continue to tighten the labor market. In Boston, there is an unusually high number of job vacancies, while employment in Cleveland has only moderate growth. Many areas of the business sector, said the high-tech vacancies difficult to fill. Wage growth has been changing from flat to strong in all regions, but in most places it is said that wage pressures remain at a moderate level. Wage growth is moderate or moderate, Chicago wage growth pressure is mild, Atlanta wage growth pressure is stable. Overall consumer spending remained unchanged in most areas, car sales have declined, but overall remained high, the tourism industry was flat. In addition, the real estate and construction industry respondents expressed concern about the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Sub industry perspective, retail sales and the size of the previously basically flat, Boston, Cleveland and San Francisco overall moderate growth, but the Chicago Fed said consumer spending slowed significantly. Car sales have declined, but overall remains high. Atlanta, Chicago, New York and San Francisco sales slowdown or decline. Only in Dallas, the Federal Reserve said strong growth in car sales. Tourism activities are essentially flat with the previous reporting period. Non financial services sales growth momentum, manufacturing activity in most areas increased slightly. Activity in the housing market has been growing at a moderate pace, but sales are limited in some areas and commercial real estate activity is expanding further. Business and consumer credit demand in different regions are different, but the overall expansion at moderate rates, credit quality is stable. Agricultural situation is good or bad, the sharp decline in prices offset the positive growth in production. Weak demand for energy related products and services. The Fed’s Beige Book refers to the Federal Reserve, according to its 12 regional Federal Reserve’s latest survey results compiled by the national economic situation of the conventional report. The Fed released eight annual beige book report, the report uses data of 3相关的主题文章: