Fang Bo team debut was too nervous! Mentality is more difficult than

Fang Bo: team debut, too nervous! The mind is more difficult than win, following the Fang Bo successfully completed the World Team Championships debut sina sports "won the north and the last (World Championships) Zhang Jike win, which is a greater challenge?" Bu ke. (what about the state of mind?) This is this." In February 29th, for the first time to set foot on the world championships, Fang Bo, in the "debut" on certain challenges. Fortunately, the final 3-1 to help the Chinese team ushered in the two winning streak. When teammate Malone and Fan Zhendong both defeated their opponents by 3-0, Fang Bo met Jiang Weixun from North korea. After the opening, he quickly went to the city by 11 to 4, but there were many mistakes in the second game, and the opponent took the opportunity to use the color of 11 to 7. The two sides in the third inning fierce, split field appears several times, 10 flat after Bo and grasp the opportunity to win two points to 12 than 10 win; after more than 11 to 3 follow up a victory with hot pursuit, victory. It is worth mentioning that, in front of the table tennis world champion Yang Ying who served as CCTV interpretation guests, also turned reporters and Fang Bo dialogue: "third before 10 flat, you feel the collapse of the edge, the forehand completely gone with the wind."." "There’s a little bit of garlic in the foot, maybe there’s a little wind," he muttered, not calm down." Fang Bo can not help but nodded his head, "after a few balls when defeated, I did not force too much."." "Yeah, next time you’re going to lose!" Yang Ying praised the way. There are reporters will this game last year and the Suzhou World Championships Men’s singles semi-finals were compared, curious to defeat Grand Slam winner Zhang Jike is the mysterious tenacious North Korea more difficult? Fang Bo said: "definitely, the challenge is greater, the level of the player is slightly lower."." But he also said that if it is from the state of mind, the answer will be changed, "two mentality is not the same, this is must win, and that is I go to the game.". And the ball has won, and I think it’s hard." The boy laughed. (He Xia comes from Kuala Lumpur)

方博:团体赛处子秀太紧张!心态上比赢继科更难 方博顺利完成团体世乒赛首秀   新浪体育讯  “赢了朝鲜和上次(世锦赛)赢张继科,哪个的挑战更大?”“继科。(那心态上呢?)是这个。”2月29日,首次踏上世锦赛团体赛征途的方博,在“处子秀”上受到一定挑战。好在最终以3-1帮助中国队迎来两连胜。   当队友马龙、樊振东均以3-0战胜各自对手后,方博迎战来自朝鲜的姜伟勋。开局后,他很快以11比4先下一城,但第二局失误较多,对手把握机会以11比7还以颜色。双方在第三局争夺激烈,场上几次出现平分,10平后方博把握机会,连赢两分以12比10拿下;之后乘胜追击,以11比3锁定胜局。   值得一提的是,在担任央视解说嘉宾的前乒乓球世界冠军杨影经过时,也变身记者与方博展开对话:“第三局10平以前,感觉你到了崩溃得边缘,正手彻底飘了。”   “脚底下有点儿拌蒜,可能有点儿风,自己老嘀咕,没有静下来。”方博不由得点了点头,“后面几个球就当输了打,我也没太发力。”   “对,下次你就当输了打!”杨影赞许道。   还有记者将这场球与去年苏州世乒赛的男单半决赛进行了比较,好奇是战胜大满贯得主张继科还是神秘顽强的朝鲜队更难?   方博坦言:“肯定继科(带来的)挑战更大,这个选手水平稍微低一点儿。”但他也表示如果是从心态上来讲,答案就要换一个了,“两个心态是不一样,这个是必须要赢的,那场是我去拼继科。而且那场球已经赢了,我觉得这个难以点儿。”小伙子笑了起来。   (何霞 发自吉隆坡)相关的主题文章: