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SEO You tube by Google agency is a famous site of viewing videos because of its huge video keeping ability. Now there another growing site on a digital marketing, which is becoming a next hub of videos downloading and sharing that, is face book. It is evident from the research done by a digital marketing consultancy ComScore on a web metrics that Facebook is leaving behind YouTube and Yahoo in online video watching. In U.S alone face book has come up to number three position after You Tube and Yahoo thus leaving behind all others. Face book is expected to greet this change despite of the fact that it isnt a digital marketing online video showing site. The success graph of Google consultancy is pretty high and it looks difficult to touch at the moment in U.S. there is a raise of 143.2 billion new users in July. While the number two companies Yahoo reached 55.1 million viewers. On the other hand Face Book is not that far behind Yahoo with 46.6 million viewers. There are many other online video showing agencies with unique viewers. They show close competition. VEVO, which was initially at number three, had 43.9 million unique viewers and Microsoft reached 45.5 million. The concept of unique viewers cover only half the story, the question comes what viewers do when they go to the digital marketing sites for watching Movies. There is a difference between watching a T.V and viewing a video on a digital marketing site. As one can switch to various channels of T.V, similarly videos can also be changed from one to the other. Thus how long a particular viewer sits on one site and watch a video. When talk about You Tube, viewers are very loyal and on average spend 4.7 hours per viewer. Based on this number, the number two agency is dark house: Hulu. In the race of unique viewers, Hulu stands at the number 10th position, while for maximum number of minutes video viewing per viewer, it is at number two. No other digital marketing video site had seen their average going beyond 100 minutes. Hulu is a subsidiary of NBC Universal, News Corp along with Walt Disney Company. This allows the company to show all material legally and this is the secret behind its success. For viewers, Hulu can be the safest place for any online T.V show. Face Book, user on average spends only 18.3 minutes on a video, according to July report. The fact is that If more viewers visit the digital marketing site, it means more ads been watched by users on that site. Hulu ended up higher than Google in generating ads view, that is 783 million, the number makes up to total 3.6 billion video ads being watched by America alone in July. Hulu Plus, a new subscription of Hulu is also expected to feature ads and gain popularity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: