Experts say the earth is very vulnerable to the impact of large asteroids (video)

Experts say the earth’s impact on large asteroids is expected to cost $1 billion 250 million ARM mission will help researchers learn more about the asteroid, and demonstrate some of the technology needed to explore mars. Tencent space news according to foreign media reports, according to the chief scientific adviser to President Obama, the White House Office of science and technology policy director John Holdren said, the whole world for a potentially catastrophic asteroid is still very fragile. He said today that although NASA has made considerable progress in the search for an asteroid that threatens the earth, there is still much work to be done in the field. Holdren today (September 14th) at the Goddard space center to participate in the space agency asteroid redirection program (ARM) discussion. During the period, he said, we are still not ready for the asteroid strikes, but the work has been gradually on the right track. Holdren quoted the two event to explain the asteroid threat does exist and should not be underestimated — a huge explosion in Tunguska events in Chelyabinsk in February 2013 and 1908. About 1200 people were injured in an explosion in Chelyabinsk. The culprit is a 20m wide asteroid. According to the projections, caused the Tunguska blast asteroids may have bigger. The two events are being made a surprise attack, be taken by surprise. Holdren said that the two events are from the statistics of the probability of a very small event, but we know in our hearts, it will always come. If we try our best to protect ourselves, we must be prepared for these rare events. Because they can cause serious damage to the earth. Such a disaster will be less than 65 million years ago led to the extinction of the dinosaurs of the field, and we can not dull dinosaurs! Holdren says ARM project can help protect us. NASA plans to launch an automated probe near the earth at 2021 later in the project. Most recently, they have chosen a 400m wide 2008-EV5, but NASA officials say the asteroid may not be rocky. After the arrival of the asteroid asteroid will be part of the surface of the material, and carry this part of the material with the asteroid for some time. To verify the effectiveness of the so-called "enhanced gravitational traction strategy". The standard gravitational pull strategy is to use the detector’s weak gravity, gradually change the asteroid orbit in decades of flight time, so that it can avoid colliding with the earth. The enhanced version of the gravitational pull strategy further uses the material removed by the detector The probe will then fly to earth and eventually let the separated parts move around the moon. In the mid 20s of this century, the astronauts will be equipped with Orion spacecraft to visit this part. The $1 billion 250 million ARM mission is expected to help researchers learn more about asteroids and demonstrate some of the technologies needed to explore mars. According to the plan, NASA will explore Mars mission in 30s of this century. ARM, Holdren task fruit相关的主题文章: